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Soorty and Lenzing have collaborated to create Reload in Blue

Soorty and Lenzing have collaborated to create Reload in BlueSoorty and Lenzing have collaborated to create Reload in Blue, a range of upgraded loungewear designs that make soft denim acceptable for home wear. The line includes Zoom-friendly athleisure ensembles and denim sleepwear options. It brings together the firms’ commitment to reducing their carbon impact. It contains Lenzing’s ecologically friendly and biodegradable fibers, as well as Soorty’s vertically integrated infrastructure’s LEED-certified production procedures.

We’ve all been spending more time at home lately, but leisure dressing doesn’t have to mean a loss of style. And work-from-home attire can be both smart and soft.

This mix of chic, city-ready clothing and comfort is the crux of Lenzing’s recent collaboration with Pakistan’s largest denim mill Soorty. Dubbed Reload in Blue, the capsule collection uses TENCEL™ Lyocell for elevated home fashions and activewear. Included among the styles is denim athleisure, showing the range for the fabric, as well as pajama alternatives. The goal is to help wearers ramp up their productivity with clothing designed for purpose.

“Globally we have been facing such challenging times. Reload in Blue represents the current ethos where we need to recharge our lives with goodness,” said Tricia Carey, director of global business development at Lenzing. “The feeling from within is reflected in the choices we made in apparel. The rich emotion of denim connects to the best moments of life which Reload in Blue brings together.”

Reload in Blue is not only soft and stylish—it is also sustainable. TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from responsibly sourced trees using a closed-loop production process. The fibers are also biodegradable, so that products have less impact on the planet at end of life.

The styles in Reload in Blue were designed by Soorty’s New York team in their new SpaceD and manufactured at their innovation lab in Corlu, Turkey. Soorty’s vertical operations in Pakistan include its LEED Platinum certified denim mill and garment factory.

This project is the latest collaboration between Lenzing and Soorty. Rather than their typical fiber supplier-mill relationship, this initiative is a joint effort to showcase what can be done in sustainability.

“Collective action and collaborative effort is what we need to drive the change for the better,” said Eda Dikmen, marketing and communications manager at Soorty Enterprises. “We’ve designed, dreamed, and produced Reload in Blue to be a welcoming collection, and this was reflected to every detail of the collection—from fiber blends of the fabrics to style choices, from the washes to the care labels that give hints on how to extend products’ lifecycle, every detail was driven by purpose.

“Being a strong believer of partnerships and SDG 17, Soorty knows that only by working together with those we share values with, only by really understanding each other’s struggles and advantages and helping where needed we can transform our supply chain into a value chain,” she added. “Reload in Blue and our partnership with TENCEL™ has been an invaluable example of this.”

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