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We foresee great future for Bangladesh Garment and textile, for a very high level of knowledge and relate infrastructures. – David Noli, Sales Director, SIP-Italy

David Noli joined TORMEC AMBROSI group as Worldwide Sales Director of SIP ITALY, the most innovative sewing and logistic denim jeans solution provider for apparel industries. David’s know-how and garment production experience will help SIP ITALY boost its already successful position as a One-Step Solution Provider. Sip Italy has always the customer satisfaction as a driver of its actions. David has a successful management record of large sales & service organizations, the capability to structure an efficient networks in cooperation with country distributors and agents. Recently Team Denim Focus had a conversation with David Noli. Key points of the discussion are mentioned below for our readers-

We foresee great future for Bangladesh Garment and textile, for a very high level of knowledge and relate infrastructures. -	David Noli, Sales Director, SIP-ItalyWe foresee a great future for Bangladesh Garment and textile, for a very high level of knowledge and related infrastructures.

David Noli, Sales Director, SIP-Italy

Denim Focus: Is the market giving you some insights?

David Noli: As you know we consider ourselves not only machine manufactures, but we rather be considered COMPLETE SOLUTION MANUFACTURERS. To do so we must start by listening to our customers and to our non-costumers and listen to their costumer, knowledge and understanding is what leads us towards what we will do in future. Let me see if I can myself clear; as you know almost half of the denim manufactured in the world is unsold; of what our costumers-costumer is able to sell less than half of that is sold at a premium price. The rest is sold for another part at a second price and the rest is sold at an extremely discounted rate.

What is the reason for that? Extremely positive and unrealistic forecasts or probably simply everything is still based on the old consumer paradigm?

There has always been a linear relationship, driven by the market, buyers want more volumes, manufacturers and contractors must build more, so they invest in more machines, more lines, and more everything, with the only goal to match the requirements.

Denim Focus: Do you think this is not how it has been?

David Noli: No this is not logic anymore, it probably has never been, but in a certain way the excess of wealth and investments supported this scenario, now margins are even thinner for everyone, and there is a different conscience on the consumptions. If the old paradigm was more production, more investment, more sales more margins.  The new paradigm is lacking the margins which are supporting the rest.

We like to make a very simple analysis of the same we like to change the basic value of the negotiation in the garment industry, TIME.

We are all in the market of the TIME trade, brand exchanges with consumers the time to design and market new collections and new products. The manufacturer sells the time to manufacture the products designed by others and gets paid for it. We as a solution provider, we sell the time to understand the needs and assembly the tool and the project to get the job done.

Denim Focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh?

David Noli: We foresee a great future for Bangladesh Garment and textile, for a very high level of knowledge and related infrastructures. I am also a very strong believer of the made in Bangladesh and what is the possibility of that becoming a leading trend from the manufacturing side of the world.

I believe that when the market would be willing to admit that made in Bangladesh is a matter also of pride and quality, with a good technical and technological addiction not only a cheap land to drop production, but everyone will also read the tag of their own clothes with different eyes.

Denim Focus: What are your plans for the Bangladesh market?

David Noli: We have already invested a lot and not only in terms of market exposure, but we also recently planted our own local liaison office, thanks to our local team Mr. Monir Islam as the Country Head. With Mr. Samad as our technical head, because we strongly believe that a strong technical presence and a commitment to customer satisfaction is separated Our vision from the pack.

To make this statement even stronger we have a cooperation with Mr. Jude Fernando, a former IE engineer and a great technical person who is here to help us transfer all our technology in results and help all our customers in the implementation of their project.

We strongly believe that investments for their own sake are useless, but investments properly implemented are what set aside our technology users and companies who understand the value of technology from people just doing window shopping. We believe that investment for the sake of showing only how good you are in buying equipment are worthless and they are derivative from the same old mentality of forecasting and building bulks, we are promoting a new and more sustainable way of implementing technology outspring.

We want to see costumer invest 10 to get 100 out of their money and we are ready to put our faces and commitments on what we say, instead of seeing costumer invest 20 to get maybe another 20 out of it. We are pushing for higher-end and higher-scale automatization not only from machine to machine but from system to system, line to line, factory to factory.

Denim Focus: Any special message if you want to convey to our readers and the textile industry of Bangladesh?

David Noli: I see a country with a lot to give that is not demanding enough from the world. I see a proud nation who has lot and lot to offer to the world of textile and to the industrial world bunt sometimes due to some old heritage is still stuck under some imaginary shackles. I had the honor to meet some very great people around many owners and directors and operators who can be the leading force to a very big change in the industry and I’m only waiting for this to happen.

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