Signing ceremony Logic ERP with Experience Group


One of the largest Textile and Apparel manufacturing company Experience Group justified the value of experience by opted to go for Platform ERP developed by Logic Software Limited for their entire business automation through ERP after attempting to implement multiple world-class software from various country.

Mr. Maqsood Ahmad-Chairman, Experience Group and an eminent personality in the global textile and RMG sector and Mr. K.B. Mamoor, Managing Director, Logic Software Ltd. signed the Agreement of strategic partnership and shared their lots of experience of the journey related to their own field. The signing ceremony was held on 6 June at their corporate office in the capital.

Virtual presence and discussion of Mr. Michael Maqsood- CEO, Experience Group, from London, UK was highly appreciated because he played the most significant role to justify the capacity, experience, business area coverage, capability to meet their micro-level analytics and most significant demands by the Platform ERP.

The presence and co-operation of Mr. Usama Maqsood- Executive Director, Experience Group, lead today’s event from the very beginning of the journey between Experience Group and Logic Software Ltd. Mr. Usama, mainly the initiator of this industrial automation and he verified Platform ERP as the best solution for RMG and Textile Sector which is able to meet the expectations of a globally renowned company having the history of a century.

For over 100 years, Experience Group Ltd. has been creating fashionable and high-quality apparel. Today, they are a recognized enterprise known for its rigorous and dedicated approach to the development of apparel goods based in London, the UK with manufacturing sites in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mr. K.B.Mamoor regarded this event as an ‘Event of Honour’ and express his bliss to have an opportunity to initiate the automation of a global brand with a historical background. He ensured satisfactory supports during and post-implementation by the TEAM LOGIC and smooth performance of Platform ERP.

Logic Software Limited has gained experience of a Decade with the Platform ERP and created the milestone of success by implementing more than 150 Companies, handling $6 Bn transaction through Platform ERP and committed to contributing with the best quality of ERP this industry ever can get.

TEAM LOGIC focused to provide world-class ERP software at a reasonable price while they dream for an automated Textile and RMG industry before the 5th Industrial Revolution steps towards Mankind.