Signing Ceremony between Pakiza Software Ltd. and TORR by Fortis Group


Pakiza Software Ltd., a renowned provider of cutting-edge software solutions, and TORR by Fortis Group, a prominent business conglomerate, have joined forces in a landmark partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of business technology. The partnership was formalized today through the signing of an agreement at the Head Office of Fortis Group.

The event, attended by key representatives from both Pakiza Software Ltd. and TORR by Fortis Group, is a significant development in the realm of business technology and software solutions. The collaboration between these two industry giants holds the potential to revolutionize business operations and significantly enhance productivity.

At the heart of this partnership is the integration of Cripton PRO ERP & POS Management Systems, a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning system developed by Pakiza Software Ltd. This system is acclaimed for its versatility, scalability, and user-friendly interface. It encompasses a wide array of functions, including finance, merchandising, garments production, commercial operations, inventory management utilizing RFID technology, customer relationship management, sales and distribution management, and more.

By embedding the advanced capabilities of Cripton PRO ERP into its core operations, TORR by Fortis Group aims to streamline its processes and boost overall efficiency, taking a major step toward the future of business management.

Mr. Rakibul Islam Khan, Managing Director of Pakiza Software Ltd., expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with TORR by Fortis Group, a distinguished name in the business world. Together, we will work to elevate their operational capabilities and provide them with a competitive edge in their industry.”

Shahadat Hossan, Managing Director of Fortis Group, shared his perspective on the collaboration, stating, “We have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation, and this partnership with Pakiza Software Ltd. is a testament to our commitment to staying ahead in the market. Cripton PRO ERP will enable us to manage our resources more effectively, enhance decision-making, and ultimately, drive growth.”

This partnership signifies the commencement of an exciting journey for both companies. The integration of Cripton PRO ERP is expected to not only optimize TORR by Fortis Group’s internal processes but also improve customer experiences and operational efficiency. As these two industry leaders come together, the business world can anticipate significant advancements in technology-driven solutions.

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