Hand embroidery in Denim



Denim embroidery is a creative idea that we can do in different types of fabric or cloth embroidery. Denim embroidery is eye-catching, vibrant, and just plain fun. Because it is a strong, heavyweight fabric that can withstand many stitches. With no puckering, buckling or showing, denim makes a perfect canvas for embroidered designs. You can get designs on jeans, jackets and more. Here’s how to prepare your denim items for denim embroidery. If you love the look of embroidered denim, you don’t need to buy embellished jeans or other denim products because you can make them yourself. This method is easy to master and a great way to modernize secondhand clothing or alter new clothing. On runways, in apparel departments, at big-box retailers, and elsewhere, you’ll likely see embroidery. Yes, you can buy those items of clothing, but sewing your own clothes will give you more choice and make you feel more proud. Buy a fresh pair of jeans (wash and dry them first), pull out the denim jacket you haven’t worn in a while, or find one at a second-hand storeSpecial pieces for then unstitching. Then reach into your stash of embroidery floss to get started. Not only is this a great way to create your own version of a popular style, it’s also a great way to fix clothes that have embroidered on spots, look too frayed, or have been sewn on. to repair. A patched hole. You can add something bold to make a statement with your own clothes or fun character embroidery for your kids. Whatever you choose, it’s best to first learn the basics of embroidery on denim.

Pattern translation from denim

Designing the fabric is one of the primary disadvantages of sewing denim. The fabric is too thick to trace, and the marks are often too black to see. Many strategies are useful in this situation. A technique of white or yellow carbon transfer paper It works, but the lines are often smeared or blurred. Another is using tracing paper, which will work but can be challenging because the paper can crumble as it is used. Although denim is thick and durable, it still needs to be properly stabilized during embroidery to avoid puckering. McTee recommends using a non-sticky, wash-away, lightweight stabilizer. This will strengthen your stitches a bit and will come out easily by soaking the garment in a bowl of water. When you’re ready to sew, trace the design onto the stabilizer with a transfer marker or chalk pen trim to leave a ⅛”-¼” allowance around the design, then hand baste the stabilizer to the denim with sewing thread.

Choosing a needle and Thread

Denim is a strong and thick fabric, so you should select a strong and thick needle. Chenille needles in sizes 18 to 22 are good because they are both sharp and strong. The specific size you use should be a good fit for the thread you are using. Most embroidery threads will work on denim, but it’s best to choose those that are both durable and washable. If you find that the thread is looking more worn than usual, use shorter lengths of thread and coat them with thread conditioner.

Denim stitch

Denim stitch embroidery can be done without a hoop, but it’s important to hold the fabric properly to avoid hand cramps and damage. Working at different angles and with open hands is necessary for a comfortable stitch. Denim is a popular pattern for embroidery, and you can combine floral designs, modern geometric patterns, or fill stitching for a unique look. Borders can be added around the front pocket or bottom hem of pants or dresses for a simpler look.

Increase the contrast

Choose bright colors for a modern look, as red, orange, and yellow stand out in light and dark washes. Regular cleaning and wear can fade these colors.

Notice of Placement

Place embroidery designs on jeans, jackets, and shirts, using symmetrical stitching beneath the front pocket. Denim jackets and shirts offer unlimited positioning options, with larger patterns on the back or smaller ones on the collar or button placket.


Denim embroidery is a great idea to make your used denim jacket or pants a little more beautiful and attractive. It looks good and makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s a great idea. If you are an artist-minded person, then you can also give it a try.


Author: Sanzida Ritu, Campus Ambassador, World University of Bangladesh ( WUB)