Seminar on Circularity : The Challenges of a positive Change


Circularity in the denim industry is pioneering a fundamental change, from design to the lifecycle of denim products—all of it is considered with a condensed priority on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. The ease of reuse or recycling in mind, the possibility of use of renewable resources, and the longevity of products are all part of the process of making the denim industry as a whole a model of circularity.

Andrea Venier of Officina+39 puts sustainability at the forefront of his company. The philosophical values of Officina+39 are inspired by respect for their heritage and nature as well as various artistic movements. At this session, Andrea Venier talked about how important it is to maintain a positive mindset even in trying times and how even the smallest improvement toward sustainable goals can have a lasting positive impact on the environment. Officina+39’s dream is to make a positive change and they are turning that into a reality.

“While developing something unique, something out of the box, changed our mindset. This mindset inspires us to break our own limits and makes us improve ourselves every day”

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