“ Denim Then and Now” Project Prosperity X Bluesign X Officina39


As Bluesign celebrates 20+ years, SYSTEM PARTNERS Officina39 and Prosperity joined forces with Bluesign for the “Denim Then and Now” project, to show how in 20+ years the denim industry reduced its impact on people and the planet.

For more than 20 years, Bluesign and its SYSTEM PARTNERS including brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers, have been implementing the bluesign® SYSTEM to improve environmental performance, worker health and safety, and resource consumption to create the highest level of safety for people, the planet, and consumers. Through Bluesign, system partner chemical suppliers have been producing bluesign® APPROVED chemistry for the denim industry and system partner mills and laundries have been following strict requirements for environmental and occupational health and safety to produce bluesign® APPROVED products. Bluesign has also been setting strict criteria regarding the toxic chemicals used in the denim industry.

“Denim Then and Now” is a project inspired by the holistic approach of the bluesign® SYSTEM which focuses on implementing clean production processes and clean chemistry. Officina39 and Prosperity created this special denim collection comparing old technologies before Bluesign was in operation with the latest technologies through which impact is reduced significantly. The project presents the long-term vision of continuous improvement for a more sustainable denim industry.

Officina39 contributes to the realization of “Denim Then and Now” with its AQUALESS MISSION. Featuring two cutting-edge laundry products for one innovative process.

AQUALESS MISSION combines the application of bluesign® APPROVED materials: AQUALESS AGED – a waterless compound to replace old pumice stone treatment – and REMOVER IND/J-N – an advanced product to replace Potassium Permanganate (PP) on denim – a finishing that achieves a worn and distressed vintage look. Compatible with conventional washing and treatment machinery, it saves up to 75% on water consumption savings.

This technology by Officina39 gives a natural vintage look that replaces the old pumice stones process, drastically reducing water consumption and the CO2 impact resulting from the pumice stones’ transportation. The technology also replaces the hazardous chemical Potassium Permanganate.

As part of the “Denim Then and Now” project, Prosperity Textile is introducing two new, innovative concepts.

LEAVE NO TRACE aims to reduce environmental impact, especially on fabrics using man-made and/or petroleum-based fibers such as polyester and spandex. If not recycled, upcycled or reused, all fibers within these fabrics will degrade into biomass, however by implementing this new concept Prosperity Textile guarantees to leave no trace.

AVATAR BLUE is a rich, dark indigo shade, saving up to 60% in water and chemical consumption through the use of pre-reduced indigo (DyStar). It combines improved optical density with a clean white core and allows for low-impact garment finishing, offering brands and retailers sustainable solutions.

For more information please contact:

Andrea Venier: a.venier@officina39.com

Michela Masiero: m.masiero@officina39.com

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