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PG Denim Launched FW 22/23 Booming Collection

PG Denim Launched FW 22/23 Booming CollectionPG denim has recently launched the new BOOMING FW 22/23 collection which is a hymn to rebirth, an explosion of colors, 3D effects, flock, foils, digital prints, metallic effects, anti-bacterial finishes where performance does not cover the uniqueness of authentic denim fabric.

This is the underlying concept of the recently implemented major process innovations as regards both environmental impact and recycling of production waste. More specifically, as regards dyeing fabrics with reaction and sulfur-based processes, PG DENIM has designed a system that reduces the number of chemicals used by 40%, water requirement by 50%, and CO2 emissions by 60%, leading to better penetration levels and outcomes in the crocking process. Moreover, PG DENIM is one of the very few companies on the market which can offer a range of items made using over 60% recycled material in total (with the average usually being no more than 35%). As part of this procedure, most of the waste from the process and after use is recycled, creating a range of items with cotton obtained from the regeneration of these two types of waste.

“This collection wants to be a tribute to today’s fashion, full of emotions and colors that give positivity and lightheartedness,” said Paolo Gnutti CEO of PG denim, “A no-season and no-gender collection, a chameleon-like product, very multifaceted that can inspire the stylistic part of the brands but, as per PG’s corporate philosophy, can be customized according to their worlds and styles to create synergy and common inspiration.”

This unique collection is made of research and innovation, to consolidate the limelight of fashion also in the next season.

  • STUDIO 54: Is the range which explores the contaminations between cotton and vinyl, crossing the traditional boundaries of indigo fabric, even though it has remained in touch with the authentic Italian tradition.
  • VELVET DENIM: It is a range entirely produced using viscose flock, resulting in unique garments which achieve different effects depending on the washing processes. A well-established must-have that cannot be missed in any collection.
  • GARAGE DENIM: Is the line inspired by the metallized colors of cars and Harley in the 1950s and ‘60s, with colors pastes glittering against very dark fabric backgrounds, creating an imperceptible painted effect, a really custom-made denim.
  • HOME SWEET HOMW COLLECTION: A collection designed and developed to face this lock down period with a super comfortable clothing but that allows us to always feel cool and fashionable.
  • TATOO DENIM: With this collection, PG DENIM wants to make our denims as a second visual skin that reproduce on the garments your love for tattoos.

PG GREEN DENIM: Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed: even in denim.

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