Passion for Fashion: Online Live Seminar Organized by SARSTEC Career Club


Report by: Md. Imran Hossain, Joint Secretary, SCC

An Online LIVE Seminar “Passion for Fashion: Innovation in The Digital World (Learn and Prepare)” has successfully been organized by SARSTEC Career Club-SCC on its online platforms (Facebook, Linkedin & Youtube) on 12th March 2021 (Friday) at 9:00 pm (BDT) & 4:00 pm (Spain), in association with Denim Focus. Lydia Fernandez Perez, Professor of Fashion Designing, Cesine Centro University, Spain, and Former Cool Hunter, Inditex-Zara was the guest speaker; and throughout the LIVE Seminar, she shared her knowledge, valuable thoughts & experiences. The Online Seminar was hosted by Farzana Alam Piya, President of SARSTEC Career Club.

Fashion is not just a word, Fashion is an art and aesthetic expression, that represents a person’s Lifestyle, Personality, Thoughts, Likes, Dislikes & much more at a particular period & place. At the seminar, Lydia Fernandez Perez shared some experiences from her professional life, as well as important discussions on the fashion design process, innovation in fashion, how a fashion designer works, and what skills need to have. During talking about how a Fashion Designer thinks & works and complete procedure, she said, “The easier it is to talk about the procedure of Fashion Designing, the harder it is to work on the field. To make a new fashionable dress, a designer has to travel to different cities in different countries to gather ideas about the clothes color & style, new fashion trends; also travel to ‘Fabric Fairs’ to see if any new fabric is coming in the market. After collecting all the information, it is possible to make a design by the own thinking & brainstorming. Then there are a few more steps like Drawing/Sketching the Design, Fabric Selection, Color & Trims Selection, Measurements, Pattern Making, Cutting, Sewing, Ironing, and finally the garment is ready.”

The look of fashion is constantly changing. From the outside, it is difficult to acknowledge how much hard work, talent, and creative thinking are behind making a beautiful dress. With 8 years of working experience as a Cool Hunter of Inditex-Zara, Lydia Fernandez also mentioned, “Those who are new to this sector have a very difficult way to start their journey, they have to go through a lot of hard times. So, dedication and hard work have no alternative for the way of success. Also, the qualities that a Fashion Designer should have are being Open minded, Understanding the fashion trends, Understanding the people, being Hard-Working, having good Communication skills, and Do not stop thinking.” She is very optimistic about Bangladesh’s Fashion Industry. When asked to say something about the Fashion Industry of Bangladesh as well as for the Textile Engineering students who want to pursue their dreams in this sector, she said, “Bangladesh is a beautiful country. There are many suppliers and manufacturers in Bangladesh who supply their fashionable garments to different countries. The price and quality of their products are very good, Bangladesh’s contribution to the Fashion Industry is very much important. My advice to the running students is that if you have a dream and if you work hard, then one day that dream will come true. Finally, I would like to thank SARSTEC Career Club and I am pleased to be a part of this seminar.” Thus the online seminar ended with a good note of cheer & inspiration.

SARSTEC Career Club is a voluntary organization of SARSTEC that works for the Soft Skills Development of the students of SARSTEC. With the supervision of Engr. Md. Zahid Murad Shuva (Moderator of SCC & Lecturer of Apparel Engineering Department, SARSTEC)  this organization arranges various — Career Seminars, Textile-Talk Programs, Workshops, and Competitions to develop the Soft Skills of the students of SARSTEC as well as to prepare themselves for the Upcoming Professional Life. Team SARSTEC Career Club is deeply thankful for team Denim Focus, especially Mr. Pranta Biswas (Coordinator-Denim Focus, Former General Secretary-SCC) for the kind co-operation to organize this online seminar and hopes to arrange more programs in association with the renowned international denim magazine Denim Focus.