Paolo Gnutti, the founder of PG, has teamed up with Isko


Paolo Gnutti, the founder of PG, has teamed up with Isko, a Turkish denim manufacturer, to create Isko Luxury by PG, a new premium brand centered in “responsible denim technology and sophisticated materials.”

The collaboration is set to debut at Denim Première Vision in Berlin on May 17 and 18, and the mill’s head of strategic initiatives, Marco Lucietti, told reporters that he believes Mr Gnutti would “bring out the absolute best of Isko’s denim attributes” as a consequence of the collaboration. The CEO went on to say that the cooperation has the ability to excite the whole denim community by utilizing “most groundbreaking” technology and tailoring them to the “unique” demands of the premium segment.

“In the field of denim, Isko pioneers game-changing technology spanning quality, performance, and sustainability,” Mr Gnutti said, “which is really exciting for me to investigate for the premium aesthetic.” “We’ll be working with fresh and rare materials to give the world of trendy premium denim a distinctive touch.” We’ll really revitalise the denim industry if we work together.”

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