Pakistani Denim Company AZGARD-9 Created Oxygen Generating Clothing


AZGARD-9, a Pakistani denim tycoon has created clothing that also has sustainable and antibacterial characteristics & also creates oxygen.

AZGRD-9 has produced a poncho that mimics the capacity of plants to photosynthesize and release oxygen into the atmosphere. According to reports, the denim behemoth collaborated with the London-based Post Carbon Lab, a design research firm specializing in sustainability. For the time being, the clothing is not for sale, and the label intends to encourage other businesses to employ technology to become more environmentally friendly.

“As if being a living, breathing piece wasn’t enough, we push the boundaries even further! C.O2.A.T is more than an O2 producing piece of clothing, it is also imbued with characteristics that give us a glimpse of how truly great the future of fashion might look like: Photosynthesis, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Viric, Breathable, Water-resistant, Repellent,” stated by the company.

This move is part of the brand’s ‘Future Before Fashion’ campaign, to encourage future-focused solutions that have a low environmental effect and are completely sustainable.