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Paige Brings Curve-Flattering Flaunt Denim

Paige Brings Curve-Flattering Flaunt DenimPaige Denim has recently brought Curve-Flattering Denim collection Flaunt Denim, which accommodates curves, specifically regarding the waist-to-hip ratio, and fits women with smaller waists & thicker thighs. Paige denim plays an active role in listening to customer feedback and delivering on their top requests. Leading requests for more styles accommodating women’s curves, the brand brought this collection.

Flaunt Denim features five women’s jeans that vary from skinny to bootcut and accentuate a curvy body type. Each fit features updated measurements creating a nipped-in waist, a comfortable top block, and flattering back pocket and back yoke shapes specially designed for hourglass figures. The accompanying campaign centers on eight women of different sizes “flaunting” their denim. The jeans are available in sizes 23-34.

“I have been so lucky to spend so much time in our stores and with our loyal customers. Their feedback and insights are key, and we are so excited to introduce Flaunt Denim in response to the number one request they have shared with us,” said Adams-Geller, Founder & Creative Director of Paige “We hope that this new set of fits helps women with this beautiful body type flaunt their curves. Our brand was built on a foundation of fit, fashion, and comfort and we spent nearly two years perfecting this collection with those pillars in mind. We so look forward to sharing them with the world while creating more and more designs that fulfill our customers’ needs and wishes.”

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