Officina39 lands in Bluezone with its latest innovation: Smart Black, a revolutionary system to bleach black sulfur-dyed garments.


Officina39’s sustainability journey continues with color experimentation and innovative applications tapping into the company’s advanced chemical know-how.

Officina39 rings in the new year with Smart Black, an innovation set to revolutionize the bleaching process of black-dyed apparel. Developed entirely by Officina39’s R&D team, which can count on a long-standing expertise in the field of sustainable garment dyeing, washing, and finishing, the Smart Black process brings cutting-edge technology to the table of the denim industry. 

Specifically, it allows to obtain light colors from black-colored textiles without the use of caustic soda. The innovation has a processing temperature of 50 degrees compared to the 70-80 degrees that standard processing requires – thus saving energy –, it can be applied on elastomer-featuring stretch garments, and it prevents zip, press stud and button stains. As its application involves only one step of maximum 30 minutes instead of the traditional 3-step process, Smart Black helps water reduction by 60%. 

Standing out in this innovative scenario is the Multicolor Denim Dreaming SS24 collection – present at Bluezone – showcasing Officina39’s range of technologies, all with one main goal: to set out to consume less and reuse more. Through the collection color possibilities are explored thanks to a mix of state-of-the-art developments such as: 

  • Nebudye D, a wide range of fresh colors to obtain a unique dyeing effect in nebulization/fog system machinery. 
  • Oz-One Powder, an advanced product to give garments a bleached yet eco-friendly treatment. 
  • Remover IND/J-N, Officina39’s solution to replace the use of Potassium Permanganate (PP) on denim and obtain a worn and distressed vintage look. 
  • Novantic series: a combination of selected dyestuffs with a special mordanting agent suitable to obtain surface dyeing to provide vintage or old look effects. 
  • Recycrom™: a patented dyestuffs range obtained through a cutting-edge upcycling process.
  • Remover Activator: a technology that in combination with PP replacement products creates in one step general bleaching, localized corrosion and highlights effects on jeans. Just One Step Process, takes the Aqualess Mission (the combination of four processes that allows garment laundry processes to reduce 75% of the water use) a step further, combining several phases of it at the same time, saving time, energy, space and of course water. That means that a raw garment enters the machine and a garment with a basic vintage effect comes out ready to be dried, already treated, bleached and softened

Keeping up the commitment to a more responsible industry, Officina39 can count two of its technologies – Aqualess Aged, to replace the old Pumice Stone treatment, and Remover IND/J-N – among the bluesign® APPROVED products, a sustainability credential that speaks to the company’s sustainable approach. 

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