ISKO at Bluezone continues to lead the way with Ctrl+Z and its high-performance fabric technologies


The brand confirms its commitment to an even more evolved circular approach with the materials science of Ctrl+Z, easy to apply on all ISKO products including cutting-edge fabrics, stretch technologies and comfort fits. 

24-25 January 2023 – Over a hundred years of experience and ISKO shows no sign of stopping when it comes to keeping up the commitment to reducing first-generation conventional materials. ISKO’s latest sustainable efforts take the form of Ctrl+Z, where materials science offers the chance to hit undo (like the name suggests) and face the industry’s manufacturing and sustainability challenges with a new point of view. ISKO offers a take where fabrics are made from no virgin, conventional, first-generation cotton and polyester but from a pure blend of recycled cotton and polyester, which is then combined with regenerated cellulosic fibers

What makes Ctrl+Z stand out is that fabrics look and feel identical to the more traditional compositions, without compromising on quality, performance and most of all improving durability. In a nutshell, these textile technologies are more advanced and even more long-lasting than conventionally produced denim staples. 

Ctrl+Z fabrics feature in the ISKO stand which attendees of Bluezone were able to see as part of the 2024 Vol.1 Collection. This is ISKO’s latest fully sustainable collection, committed to using recycled materials, mineral colors, comfort fits, and rigid structures and meeting the demand for second-hand looks, voluminous 3D designs and textured fabrics. All eyes are on elasticity and on the big part it plays in the collection, specifically in the ISKO REFORM™ family: ISKO REFORM™ HP employs 40 to 60% stretch for jeans that feel like a good but firm hug; ISKO REFORM™ XP offers 60 to 90% elasticity for denim that moves with its wearer and that has shape recovery built in; ISKO REFORM™ 100, with 100% elasticity, celebrates and flatters every body shape with a contoured look. Just as iconic is the JEGGINGS™ group, a feminine and curve-friendly fabric technology comfortably embracing any kind of body type. 

Waiting in Hall 6 Booth C07 there was also the ISKO™ Luxury by PG – Born to Amaze collection where ISKO’s advanced denim technologies have met Paolo Gnutti’s creative vision to create one cutting-edge offer.

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