Officina+39 Joined Bluesign Network


Italian company Officina+39 has recently joined the Bluesign network for actively supporting best sustainability industry practices. Pushing the boundaries to pioneer change and improvement at all levels, this company has already confirmed its position as one of the leading sustainable chemicals providers with innovations like Oz-One Powder and Recycrom and a new sustainably operated headquarters at Biella (Italy).

The landmark achievement confirms a longstanding pledge to minimize environmental impacts by envisioning and developing forefront solutions and technologies that reduce the use of energy and hazardous chemicals while increasing waste recycling and water conservation.

“We always say that going green is our passion,” said Andrea Venier, Officina+39 managing director. “But it’s more than that: it is our first goal. Supporting the development of a better industry and preserving the world housing us all is extremely important to us and this partnership is a huge new step towards what we hope will be a shared change for good.”

With the partnership with Bluesign, Officina+39 will work to ensure responsible use of resources and guarantee the highest possible degree of consumer protection. It also allows the company to deliver a unique and eco-conscious range of chemical specialties, dyestuffs, and pigments for the denim and garment industries and selected eco-compatible chemical auxiliaries and innovative processes – each one developed in compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards.

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