“My priorities would be to project the industry globally through our all positive developments and progresses” – Mohiuddin Rubel


Recently BGMEA re-elected young Director Mohiuddin Rubel, Director, Denim Expert Ltd. shared his vision for readymade garments sector development with the Denim Focus team.

Denim Focus: How do you want to contribute at BGMEA as elected director in the hard time of industry? 

As a young Director of BGMEA I think I have more scope to work, learn and contribute, however need to mention that I server the previous Board of BGMEA as well for the past two years. We are passing through a critical time, at this moment as the COVID pandemic has disrupted our market and the industry’s operations. We are also facing emerging realities to fight against the pandemic and keeping factories open.

So the priority for me would be to protect our industry and business. As far as the vision of the present Board is concerned, my other priorities would be to project the industry globally through all the positive developments and progress we made, and I will also engage in sustainability initiatives to keep the momentum going and even accelerate.

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