“Mostafiz Uddin- most influential Denim personality from Bangladesh”


Mostafiz Uddin is selected as the most influential Denim personality from Bangladesh. And his company Denim Expert Limited was the only apparel and textile company named “New Champion” by the World Economic Forum in November 2020.

Rivet 50 is an annual ranking of the most prominent figures in the denim industry. Rivet 50, now in its fourth year, acts as a barometer for the denim industry, representing how far the industry has progressed in terms of innovation, sustainability, and creativity. The winners for 2021 were chosen from over 16,000 votes cast online in five categories: executives, designers, mills, supply chain, and agents of change.

Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Denim Expert and founder of the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), has been named in the 2021 Rivet 50, annual index of the most influential leaders in advancing the worldwide business of making and marketing denim.

According to Sourcing Journal, this year, Rivet 50 was compiled by nominations and votes submitted by peers across the denim industry. More than 16,000 votes cast online determined the international honorees culled from five categories: executives, designers, supply chain, mills and agents of change.

As the managing director, owner and CEO of denim manufacturer and washing plant Denim Expert Limited, Mostafiz Uddin is calling attention to the state of the manufacturing industry at large. Following Covid-19 outbreaks in the summer of 2021, many factories and facilities now have to operate under unhealthy conditions in Uddin’s home of Bangladesh.

On top of the fact that Bangladesh and many other sourcing markets like Vietnam and India continue to battle the coronavirus, factories across these nations are still reeling from being left with the bill on delayed payments and even canceled orders, which occurred when retail buyers closed their brick-and-mortar store doors. So not only are many factory workers fighting off sickness amid slow vaccination deployment, but they also still must endure mass layoffs.

Mr Mostafiz embarked on a letter-writing campaign in March to Western leaders shedding light on the struggles in these sourcing countries. In the campaign, he highlighted the need for government intervention and support for both manufacturers and retailers alike, encouraging them to reopen stores to keep the supply chain afloat.

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