Mango to launch standalone new sustainable brand named Alter Made


In November, Mango will launch Alter Made, a standalone sustainable brand aimed at “a specialized consumer who desires to consume sustainably.” The collection will be offered exclusively online in Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands at beginning, with clothing sourced as close to home as possible in Europe or Turkey.

The collection will be more expensive than Mango’s regular line and will include timeless wardrobe basics, with the brand’s underlying philosophy of “well-being” and “responsible consumption.” The launch of the brand, according to Mango CEO Toni Ruiz, would allow the company to experiment with new sustainable production processes that might eventually be pushed out to its flagship Mango brand.

“Alter Made is a Mango Group value bet that is intended towards a certain population that wants to consume responsibly. Our goal is to keep up with this trend while learning and experimenting with new ways of working that will help us progress in our global sustainability strategy.”

Within three years, Alter Made hopes to reach a revenue of €25 million. Alejandra Mur, who has worked for Mango for 15 years and will lead a team of 12 on the project, will be in charge.

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