Khantex Fashions Ltd received The BIZZ Award


Desk Report:  Bangladesh based 100% Export Oriented LEED Certified Green Garment Industries Khantex Fashions Ltd. The BIZZ award on 24 November at Houston in Doha. THE BIZZ was created by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), to offer to the global business community a range of benefits that further their development. Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Ltd and Khantex Outerwear Ltd received the BIZZ Award. 

The award is intended to recognize the Business Excellence in small, medium and large companies because we believe that according to their proportions and capacities, they are capable of developing good business, worthy of recognition practices, and they end up being an example to follow for businesses in their community and internationally.

KFL group ensures a comfortable and safe workplace, separate child-care, health care, recreation and training facilities. A committee dedicated to safety, equal opportunities. 

Humayun Kabir Salim, Managing Director KFL Group said, Bangladesh is the 2nd largest exporter to all over the world. We are LEED certified, Eco friendly, sustainable industries in Bangladesh and we do care for our future . I am especially thankful to WORLDCOB for this great initiative.

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