All About Bull Denim


Farzana Alam Piya

Bull Denim – Hearing this name, the very fast thing arrives in mind – is this denim somehow connected to Bulls? The answer is No.

What is Bull Denim? Bull Denim is a special type of denim fabric which is more tough & sturdy than other denim fabrics. It is made of 100% coarse yarn that is often slubby with a twill construction of 3 over 1, where the regular denim fabric has the twill construction of 2 over 1.  It’s very durable & incredibly smooth. This fabric is a bit heavy, often greater than 14 Oz.  Sometimes, this fabric is denoted as “Hard as Nails.”


What Makes Bull Denim Apart from Regular Denim Fabric?  Bull Denim is a special type of denim fabric which has some similarities with the regular denim fabric, till some modifications which make the fabric apart from other denim fabrics.



How is Bull Denim Manufactured ?   The manufacturing process of Bull Denim starts from the harvesting of cotton fiber. Clean, coarser (less than 9s Ne) & lower count yarn is produced from the cotton fiber by the Open End Spinning process. Later the process follows – Warping, Pre-Treatment Process (Scouring, Washing, Sizing, etc.), Yarn Dyeing, Weaving, After-Treatment (Singeing, Desizing, Washing, Drying, etc.), Inspection, and Packing & Delivery. The Pre-Treatment Process & Yarn Dying Process are done separately for Warp Threads & Weft Threads. Most of the time, Warp Threads are dyed with Indigo Dye, sometimes in other colors. On the other hand, sometimes the Weft Threads go through Yarn Dyeing Process but mostly are left without dyeing. Besides, the weaving process of Bull Denim is slightly different as it is a twill weave fabric, where the Weft Thread passes over 3 Warp Threads. This is why Bull Denim Fabric is more tough, sturdy & heavy than regular denim fabrics.

Photograph : Winter Clothes with Bull Denim

What Are the Benefits of Bull Denim?

  • Durability: Bull denim’s brushed twill weave makes it exceptionally durable, compared to other fabrics. And so, this fabric can easily be used for upholstery and home décor.
  • Tear- Resistance: Bull denim fabric is extremely tough & even tear-resistant. So, with proper care, this fabric won’t need replacement often, even after heavy use.
  • Smooth Surface: The surface of Bull denim is smooth & less hard compared to other denim fabrics. This fabric facilities the end-users a soft hand feel & comfort to use.
  • Dye-Friendly: Bull denim fabric loves dyes. The 3*1 Twill Construction and uniform appearance are highly Dye-Friendly. Generally, we buy pre-dyed denim from markets, in a variety of colors. But this kind of denim can be dyed at home, too.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Bull denim is easy is clean compared to other fabrics. No special care or ingredients are required. For home textile products, the only spot can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For bull denim clothing, it can be cleaned with a cool or warm wash and then hanging to dry. Cold washes and hang dry are recommended to avoid shrinkage.

Where Can Be Bull Denim Used ?  Bull Denim has a huge range of use starting from apparel to home-decor products, even it is also used in furniture making. But it is mostly used in home-decor products.

Conclusion: Day by Day, the popularity & application of denim fabric is increasing, around the world. Starting from apparel clothing to home textile, home decor & other life-style products, people are using denim everywhere. Similarly, the popularity & application of bull denim is also increasing, around the world. Till more innovations & evolvements are required in the Bull Denim sector to spread the Denim Home decor fever around the world.

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