Jeans Style, that Suits You


Farzana Alam Piya

If men were asked to wear only one type of pants for the rest of their life, can you guess what they are going to choose? Without any doubt, their answer is going to be Jeans Pants.  Jeans pants are equally popular & comfortable among men of all ages, starting from school going boys to old uncle, inside & outside home. Before choosing to wear jeans pants for the rest of your life, let’s know how to choose your jeans pants. Among so many cuttings & styles of jeans pants, finding out the best jeans according to your body type is quite a tedious task, and most men become tired of doing so. To make that easy, the most popular jeans pants cuttings for men are described below:

Straight Jeans:   Straight Jeans are the most commonly seen & worn jeans pants. They can be identified quickly with their straight fittings. These pants do not provide any variance, neither wide thigh space nor widen downwards. If you have an athletic body, Straight Jeans will suit you the best.

Skinny Jeans:  Skinny Jeans are jeans that fit clingy to the shape of the body, contouring it as perfectly as possible. These jeans have extra snug at the thigh & the calve areas. They narrow down to the hem so that the lower part of the body seem slimmer & longer.  These jeans are extremely popular among the young generation. But they are the best choice for those who have short legs.

Slim Jeans:  These jeans are quite similar to Skinny Jeans. They fit with the body just perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose. Due to the fittings & comforts, these jeans are suitable for both home & outside.  If you have thinner legs Slim Jeans are the best jeans for you.

Boot-Cut Jeans:  The idea of Boot-Cut Jeans is inspired from the cowboys. These pants are fitted at thigh areas and become wider from the knees to downward. The cuttings were made in this way so that cowboys could accommodate their boots in the jeans and so they are knowns as Boot-Cut Jeans. Men with a muscular build looks the best in these pants.

Relaxed Jeans:   With a pair of Relaxed Jeans, anyone can feel super relaxed, super comfortable & so homely. These jeans provide larger thigh & calf areas to ensure easy movement. Generally men who have wider legs or those who do not prefer fitting pants or who are a bit aged, these jeans are perfect for them. Besides, anyone can wear them as the cuttings suit almost all body types.

Loose Jeans:  The cuttings of this type of jeans can easily be recognized by the name. Loose Cut Jeans have enough fabric on the hip, thigh, and calf areas. They are baggy in fit. This kind of jeans suits everyone but suits the best who have the wider lower body.

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