ISKO Launched Virtual Showroom


Turkish denim brand, ISKO, has launched the first phase of ISKO World – a virtual reality experience serving as an engaging way of communicating the company’s vision, its collection of products, and technologies. ISKO World is an informative resource for ISKO website visitors, as it has been designed to match the look and feel of a traditional sales showroom, every product on display have been fully rendered as opposed to using 360-degree photography to make the site scalable and easy to update with fresh, new content regularly.

“As the move towards digital and 3D experiences becomes more pronounced, ISKO foresaw the need to supplement and find additional ways to engage with its customers outside of traditional channels such as face-to-face sales meetings, trade shows, and the company’s website. We know that virtual reality experiences are more memorable and engaging than static, digital formats so developing a 3D digital virtual showroom was the ideal solution,” said Joost Verbeek, Senior Manager of Digital Commerce at ISKO.

“The world around us is becoming increasingly digitized and fashion has followed suit. It is now more commonplace to see virtual fashion collections and campaigns featuring digital avatars. Every product on display has been fully rendered as opposed to using 360° photography to make the site scalable and easy to update with fresh, new content on a regular basis. ISKO will continue to develop and add new rooms and functionalities to the site with the aim of positioning ISKO World as an indispensable part of the ISKO experience for visitors,” the company added. “The site was created in collaboration with Like Digital & Partners and Moyosa media, experts in creating digital experiences, and is designed for use on desktop or mobile devices.”

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