BLUESIGN Revised Chemical Substances Lists


Bluesign has revised its chemical substances list. As per Textile World, the revision incorporates new scientific knowledge on the toxicological and ecological profile of substances, the new legal classification of chemical substances, new legal consumer safety limits, revised risk assessments based on the bluesign® CRITERIA for chemical assessment, feedback from experts of the Chemical Experts Group (CEG) as well as new analytical standards.

The revision covers all the updates to the restrictions for chemical substances published in:

BSSL (Bluesign® SYSTEM SUBSTANCES LIST): The Bluesign® SYSTEM SUBSTANCES LIST (BSSL) specifies limits for chemical substances in articles (consumer safety limits).

BSBL (Bluesign® SYSTEM BLACK LIMITS): The Bluesign® SYSTEM BLACK LIMITS (BSBL) specifies threshold limits for chemical substances in finished chemical products such as auxiliaries or dyes. The compilation of substances in the BSBL includes all substances for which a precautionary hazard-based threshold limit is defined.

Bluesign® RSL: The bluesign RSL is an extract of the BSSL and contains consumer safety limits and recommended testing methods for the most important and legally restricted substances in textile and leather articles and accessories.

2021 revisions include the stringent restriction on free aniline content in chemical products; aniline reduced indigo mandatory for bluesign® Approved indigo types and restriction of aniline in other dyes and auxiliaries with a limit of 500 mg/kg.

The revised BSBL is valid for all new bluesign Finder registrations from July 1st, 2021. For already existing bluesign Approved chemicals, a transition period until July 1, 2022, is valid to comply with the revised sections.

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