I see denim industry in coming years in Bangladesh perspective as a production country will remain flat.- Kyaw Sein Thay (Dolly), Managing Director, Cloths R Us Limited


Cloths “R” US ltd, is a commercial initiative to work with brands and retailers to create the future of fashion by sourcing sustainable products from Bangladesh. Cloths “R” US ltd. creates and supplies all product categories: knit, woven and sweater, in sustainable materials. It partners with its clients ensure to source the best quality sustainable products at the best price. They provide R&D partnership, 360-degree sustainable sourcing solution, authentication, certifications, transparency, and strategic partnership with customers, production execution and quality control, trade finance free on board and landed duty paid shipping, capacity building training in sustainable reporting.

Kyaw Sein Thay (Dolly), Managing Director, Cloths R Us Limited, recently talked with Team Denim Focus and shared her constructive feedback on industry.

Denim Focus: How do you see the denim industry of Bangladesh?

Kyaw Sein Thay (Dolly): From my personal opinion, I see denim industry in coming years in Bangladesh perspective as a production country will remain flat. I can’t foresee tremendous or fast growth due to few reasons. 1. Generation Z or millennials they are moving to more Athlethsieur fashion. So, demand side is changing but very subtle yet. 2. Even though USA market production sourcing country is shifting but major percentage is shifted to Vietnam due to advantages in Logistic lead time and Raw material convenient. By saying that despite all the challenges Bangladesh will still remain hotspot for many brands who buy in big units.

Denim Focus: How does your company support in this industry?

Kyaw Sein Thay (Dolly): Our Company works on Sustainable Fashion sourcing. We are constantly doing our research and presenting to customers to what extent we can promote denim as environmental friendly as possible, being Denim is the most unsustainable product among all products.

Denim Focus: Any message for Denim Focus magazine as it is the 1st international English magazine from Bangladesh for Denim & Jeans industry.

Kyaw Sein Thay (Dolly): We wish great success in your journey. We hope that you can bring out the best news of the country and our industry and will constant pursue to highlight good works and good branding of Bangladesh.

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