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“I have my passion for setting up my own studio where the fresh designer will get the idea to develop the concept” – Hadayet Mahmud, Prominent Fashion Designer, Bangladesh

“I have my passion for setting up my own studio where the fresh designer will get the idea to develop the concept” - Hadayet Mahmud, Prominent Fashion Designer, Bangladesh
Photo: Hadayet Mahmud, Prominent Fashion Designer, Bangladesh

The art of designing clothing and accessories is known as fashion design. Fashion design is entwined with culture as an art form. Consumers respond to fashion designers’ creations, ushering in new trends. Fashion designers make clothing based on customer demand or their own creative vision, and consumers respond to those designs, ushering in new trends.

Mr. Hadayet Mahmud, is one of the prominent Fashion designers in Bangladesh. He has been supporting the Bangladesh Apparel industry for 20 years. Recently Team Denim Focus Talked with Mr. Hadayet and discussed this design concept area, challenges, prospects and how we can add more value by using design concept in our products, for our readers, the conversation is below


Mr Hadayet’s career was kicked off by joining BEXIMCO in 2002. In 2005, he moved to Hameem Group. He also worked at some other notable industries namely KDS, Misami Bitopi, Abedin Group, Zaber and Zubair Fabrics Ltd. Nice Denim and many more. After completing a new global standard fashion studio in Sharmin group, he recently joined Texweave, a venture of TAD group for developing Design and Development Team and design studio. The studio has already been set up. Now He along with his team is trying to link up with foreign design experts.

Mr Hadayet is technically sound in the area of apparel & textiles. Market trends anticipate. Implementing it consistently across all consumer touchpoints.

“I have my passion for setting up my own studio where the fresh designer will get the idea to develop the concept” - Hadayet Mahmud, Prominent Fashion Designer, BangladeshHe has expertise in the below areas:

  • Product line creation & category management.
  • Strong understanding of “go-to market process”.
  • Consumer immersion & engagement.
  • Managing & creating a high-performance team.
  • Building a culture of accountability & collective ownership.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Market trends anticipation.
  • Innovation driven – process, product and cost.
  • Creative professional managing merchandising, design & product development to deliver a compelling brand and market right product line.
  • Market and consumer focused assortment planning, driving market and brand equity.
  • Develop & implement global product & pricing strategy and also ensuing application to each single market.
  • To deliver consistent, innovative, premium performance Apparel.
  • Creation of product technical specifications following design handover.
  • Determining pre-costing following initial design sketches.
  • Working closely with Product Marketing to advise on cost effective solutions to contribute towards.

What are the Challenges do you face?

International level Design studio doesn’t mean only lucrative decoration. It must have trendy product resources and this product also needs to have good commercial value. In a design studio, we usually face challenges in collecting trendy materials like fabrics, trims, accessories. Usually, most of the design houses in bd we are lack of trendy and innovative parts. In our BD industry, we mostly focus on the Engineering side of product manufacturing. In my sense, for raw material backup, we are 75-80% depends on foreign countries just because of their trendy and time befitting collections. We have a huge lack of Trend analysis, Forecasting views.

I already have spent 20 years of my career in this industry, I believe, there is a lot of scopes to do more innovation. If we can do that we will be able to walk on an international platform. Only then we can brand our country as a source of value-added products.

We are invited to show our product catalog in an international exhibition only when we can show our trendy design collection. If we can start now, then slowly the dependency of others will be decreased. We are closely working with many reputed buyers, seasonally we are having more order and increasing the company value. This fashion design studio makes a great impact on new employment and enhances company values. That’s why Designers also need exposure.

When buyers identify that, the manufacturing company has its own design studio, they get different confidence. And our company get extra acceptance.  In my sense, our industry needs around 70,000 designers for changing our industry image from basic products to innovative products. When the product will be trendy with innovative and sustainable raw materials only then product will be exported to the global market. That’s why designers need a flexible work environment. To achieve a trendy mindset, designers have to travel internationally frequently to absorb innovative ideas. A designer must travel to buyers’ countries and must do shopping from there, touch the fabric and feel the requirement. When a company thinks about internationally, then they also have to pay designers like international standard. If any company invests in a designer, they will definitely get back the return. If we can build our own designers, then dependency on foreigners will be decreased and in near future, we will be able to export our designer talent and earn foreign remittances.

What is your observation about FASHION DESIGN education?

In my personal experience of working as a guest faculty in different institutions, I observed, we are mostly focused on the technical side. Along with this technological advancement, we need a conceptual base so that we can create our own story, own concept, own development. We have a huge lack in this particular area of education. Students must learn how to create their own concept from inspiration and then by turning it into the story we have to commercialize it.

In this regard, I think every institution should come to another step forward for creating a more innovative platform by collaborating with the internationally standard global educational institute to update infrastructure and curriculum. Guest faculty swap between 2 institutions can be a good option. When I visited Texworld Paris, Premier Vision exhibition, I saw, American, European students visit the show and develop their concept and finally make their own design with trendy materials. We need to close this industry-academia gap to hold our global position in the second-largest garments manufacturing industry.

“I have my passion for setting up my own studio where the fresh designer will get the idea to develop the concept” - Hadayet Mahmud, Prominent Fashion Designer, Bangladesh

In which area should we focus more?

We must show our sustainable strength with innovative design. If we want to compete with Vietnam, Cambodia, then we must promote our diversification strength. We have to increase our material sourcing strength. Our next focus has to be on Antimicrobial garments, Fibers made from Bamboo, Grass, Spider net, etc. These innovative parts directly do branding our country’s image.  Many Bangladeshi scholars doing their PhD research on these products abroad, we must provide them a platform to continue their contribution to our country. Only then our new sustainability approach will be commercialized.

  1. As the Industry comes under pressure to deliver climate-based targets, view biomaterials as a route to address the complex global challenges around material scarcity, chemical and microfibre pollution, and water and waste management.
  2. Biomaterials are not all equal and their eco- credentials are determined by several factors. If food-based, investigate where and how they are grown in relation to land use and fertilizers, and make sure they are engineered for recyclability if not fully biodegradable and compostable.
  3. Track this evolving area; research who it would be beneficial to partner up with, invest in innovative bio-lab start-ups and work with leading specialty manufacturers to fully realize the potential of this fast-growing industry.Currently, I am working with Biobased fabric, Bio coating and finishing, Circular Textile, recycling, Eco wash & finishes, low impacts trimming, sustainable color.  By working on these, materials in our own production facility we were promoting our country as a hub of innovation.

What is your FUTURE PLAN?

I would like to contribute to this industry, Now I am pretty much well known to global buyers, having continuous feedback from them. Want to keep building a new studio where the potential designer can learn more and give to the country. In the future, I have my passion for setting up my own studio where the fresh designer will get the idea to develop the concept. But it’s not a task of single people, together with all the fashion designers in our country would like to make some contribution to our Country. Want to live by work.

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