H&M Collaborates with LEE for The Next Generation of More Sustainable Denim



The H&M collaborates with American denim legends Lee to push for the next generation of more sustainable denim. Lee x H&M is an ambitious collaboration that has sustainability central to its design to every stage of denim production. Fabric is crucial, such as H&M’s first 100% recycled cotton jeans, made from 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste. There’s also denim that’s cotton-free, made instead of renewable man-made fibers, as well water-saving dyes and lower impact denim washes that are 3rd party verified for their lower water usage, chemical, and energy consumption.

For the women’s collection, wide and loose jeans have a 90s throwback feel. Denim corsets add a feminine edge, while dungarees and over-shirts bring the functional workwear vibe, alongside Texloop™ RCOT™ Recycled Cotton jersey pieces for the full Lee x H&M look.

For the men’s collection, workwear jackets are a wardrobe essential with Lee’s true authenticity of the design. Relaxed fit five-pocket jeans are cut from 100% recycled cotton, while relaxed carpenter jeans are made with water-saving dyes and 100% Tencel™ Lyocell cellulosic sewing threads.

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