Hamle Installed Monforts Thermex Dyeing Range


Hamle, a Leading Turkish textile printing company, has installed a new Monforts Thermex dyeing range as part of its ongoing strategy of continuous investment.

Hamle’s plant in Çorlu already houses a Monforts ten-chamber Montex stenter and two Monforts sanforizing ranges on which the company carries out an extensive range of finishing processes. The new Thermex range further integrates many processes on technology all from a single supplier. The Thermex universal hot flue for continuous dyeing, condensing and thermosoling achieves unrivaled reliability even at maximum fabric speeds, for exceptional cost-effectiveness when dyeing both large and small batches of woven fabrics. The new range installed for Hamle benefits from the Econtrol® process* for reactive dyestuffs. This is a quick and economical one-pass pad-dry and wash-off process, with drying in the hot flue at 120-130°C and controlled humidity (25-30% by volume) to obtain fixation in 2-3 minutes.Econtrol® ensures excellent reproducibility of all colors, improved dye penetration on difficult fabrics, and no risk of the browning of cotton or other cellulose fibers due to the low fixation temperature.

“Investment in new technology and capacity expansions are very important to us, in order to stay ahead in terms of sustainable, high-quality production,” says general manager Gürkan Uzuner. “We carefully assess the benefits of each advanced new technology to thrive in a sector that is constantly changing.”

“The new Thermex range has some very advanced automation features which ensure our machine operators have full control over the entire system,” Mr. Uzuner concludes. “As the Monforts representative in Turkey, Neotek has been our solution partner in the installation and commissioning and has been with us every step of the way.”

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