We have been focusing on sustainability in larger picture. Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organic Pvt Ltd.


Apna Organics Group is the largest family managed business from India into manufacturing of textile auxiliaries and chemicals for construction, water treatment and paper industry over 5 decades (50 years) having presence across the globe. The company intends to work with patrons having presence in global, national or regional markets with valuable brand equities to which it would like to contribute. Apna Organic Pvt Ltd. is committed to provide an environment which shall attract and retain the absolute best mutual talent and in which both sides i.e., both our creative and technical excellence can flourish. Team Demin Focus talked with Mr. Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organic Pvt Ltd. regarding recent business trend in this pandemic. Mr. Shivam had his BBA (Hons) & MSc in Marketing Management in UK and joined his family business. Key discussion points have been mentioned below for our readers-

Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organic Pvt Ltd.

Denim Focus: In the pandemic situation what is the recent scenario of Apna Organics business? 

Shivam Saraf: The pandemic has affected everyone; Buyers, Garment manufacturers and chemical manufacturers like us. Different countries are facing their own challenges in regards to the pandemic. We are still able to maintain a strong momentum as our customers (garment manufacturers) are not reliant on a single country specific buyer.

Denim Focus: In this hard time, how do you see the Bangladesh market & What are the challenges you are facing? 

Shivam Saraf: We have seen Bangladesh adapt to this ever-changing scenario the best in these difficult conditions and with them we are also learning and adapting at the same time. In terms of challenges, we have seen a couple of garment manufacturers shut their operations due to their financial conditions and due to that all the stakeholders involved have affected. Also there has been a change in requirements, now buyers and garment manufacturers are focusing on cost reduction more than ever.

Denim Focus:  What is the future business plan of Apna Organics Pvt Ltd?  

Shivam Saraf: The focus at Apna Organics has always been at quality-oriented products at affordable pricing. We have been focusing on sustainability in larger picture. Recently we have launched a Neutral Powder Enzyme, DENZYOL – NSF (PQ) that does not require water in the process. This has been a huge success with few of our customers and we plan on launching this through the entire Indian Sub-continent in a short duration.

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