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Fame Fashion House is Eyeing the Future of Fashion

Fame Fashion House is Eyeing the Future of FashionFame Fashion House (FFH) is a premier manufacturer of apparel and design studio. In 1997, FFH brought fashion forward with its sophisticated denimwear to the market. Over these past 25 years of making its mark and truly establishing its roots in New York City, FFH has given its customers and clients a perfect fit by paying the utmost attention to detail. With the ability to dive into both innovative concept and classic modern silhouettes, the creative team led by design director Si Lu and Designer Xiaowu Zheng, excels at providing new designs that stay true to one’s brand identity.

In 2009, FFH launched its denimwear brand Ethanol, which was loved by customers for its eco-friendly approach and timeless stylish jeans. The denim products are made from cotton grown with less pesticides and sold in recycled packaging. FFH later was commissioned by Ross Stores to help develop their urban lifestyle menswear brand Fried Denim, from initial product development to production management. Fried denim is currently selling in Ross Stores physical locations throughout the US.

Given the outstanding design for everyday garments and high-quality manufacturing, FFH will be continuing to work for Ross on Fried Denim’s seasonal collections in 2022 and the next year.

As one of the best sellers on Amazon, FFH’s womenswear brand Hybrid & Company will also be consistently launching new products, intending to serve modern-day women of all shapes and sizes. The current collections are available on Amazon, Walmart, Lord & Taylor and more. With the success of Hybrid & Company and its features on US Weekly, FFH has shown their understanding of not only trendy elements and perfect fit, but also the secret to making fashion durable yet extremely comfortable.

In the next few years, FFH will also continue providing their seamless design service to many amazing womenswear companies for their private labels on seasonal development. Their clients include Boston Proper, Fashion to Figure, New York & Company and Lord & Taylor.

Eyeing the future of Fashion, FFH aims to minimize their footprint in production for the good cause of the environment. They are working on using caustic indigo dye stuff and are dipping the wrap yarns a great number of times in the dying process to yield the same color effects with a greater reduction of harsh chemicals for their denim products.

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