“Do not lose the enthusiasm for the fashion industry you have chosen since everything will improve” – Lydia Fernández Pérez, Lecturer, Cesine University Spain


Lydia Fernández Pérez is an independent woman of the 21st century, a fashion designer/cool hunter for almost 8 years in Inditex (Zara) Supplier, and Lecturer in the third year in the Fashion Degree teaching and creating the subject of Fashion Projects II in Cesine University Spain, achieving recognition for best teacher of 2017. She is also the Coordinator/organizer of the Cesine Fashion Shows University in collaboration with companies such as El Corte Inglés or the Gran Casino of Santander. She studied a degree in Business with Marketing and a cycle Event Coordinator training, both trainings were carried out in Edinburgh, but the twists and turns of life made her turn her biggest hobby, fashion, into a profession. Later he took an intensive course at Saint Martins in London, one of the most prestigious universities in the world of design. Hard-working, constant and fighter, she is capable of overcoming any obstacle always with a big smile and positivity.

Lydia Fernández Pérez recently talked with Denim Focus Coordinator Pranta Biswas in a virtual meeting about the Fashion industry and expressed her opinion about Fashion movement. Summary of the conversation is unfolding below.

Pranta Biswas: As an experienced Fashion designer how do you see the Fashion industry?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: Well right now I see that it is in decline due to the health crisis we are experiencing, not being able to carry out our daily life in which we have events / parties, makes people not have that need to have new clothes.

Pranta Biswas: What was your observation during Covid-19 pandemic in 2020?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: My observation during the pandemic was that confident sportswear came to the fore, leaving the rest of the unnecessary garments in our lives.

Pranta Biswas: Functional fashionable product is moving ahead, how can we be ready for it?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: Undoubtedly the Being human is not prepared for short-term changes, the only thing that can be done is to be or have the capacity to be chameleonic in this life.

Pranta Biswas: Are there any technological changes for the fashion industry after the covid situation?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: Well surely there will not only be changes in fashion but in general, after this crisis there will be changes in all senses, you always learn more from crises than from successes.

Pranta Biswas: As an academic person what do you suggest for the fashion learners?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: Do not lose the enthusiasm for the industry you have chosen since everything will improve and you will be able to access work opportunities.

Pranta Biswas: Any message for Denim Focus readers?

Lydia Fernández Pérez: Many greetings and cheers to the Denim Focus readers, and may fashion resurface and improve! I encourage everyone and positive thoughts.

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