Denim Focus website launched by Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Humaun Kabir


Denim and Jeans holds a special place in the fashion industry. Bangladesh is one of the top denim and jeans suppliers in the world fashion market. However, we need more branding for our denim and jeans industry to capture the potential market. To spur the action of promotion a dynamic team of intellectuals is coming with new strategic development of a bi-monthly comprehensive international magazine especially focusing both Bangladesh and the International denim and jeans industry named “Denim Focus”.

Recently the Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Humaun Kabir, Vice-Chancellor (Acting ), Primeasia University launched the new website of Denim Focus, M. A Islam Riyadh, Editor, and Publisher, Maeen Md. Khairul Akter, Managing Editor, Md. Mostafa Kamal, Business Development Manager, Pranta Biswas, Coordinator, Farzana Alam Piyaa, Editorial Assistant were also present at the ceremony. Denim Focus is planned to be published bi-monthly from January 2021.

‘Denim Focus’ is a special development from ‘Marketo Services,’ the one-stop marketing and promotion service provider company after the success of ‘Textile Focus.’ Based on our experience and industry feedback, the all-new bi-monthly English magazine ‘Denim Focus’ is an open knowledge and information hub for the industry focusing on denim & jeans. Denim Focus covers every aspect of the denim & jeans industry, including and not limited to trade & business, innovation, sustainability, marketing, fashion, design, and production.

Denim focus will keep you updated with the latest news and views from the denim fraternity, analyze and explain to you the latest innovation and developments in the technology and fashion world, and mesmerize you by showcasing the hottest denim designs and trendiest denim outfits. We aim to inform and enlighten our readers about all the happenings worldwide with our exceptionally designed printed version magazine, the web version, and social media platforms. Denim Focus will also actively participate and independently organize webinars, seminars & symposiums, talk-show, round-tables, fair, and exhibitions around the year to provide complete information and promotion solutions in the denim industry.  With all these unique features and options, Denim Focus aims to be the prime gateway for your business promotion and development. Denim Focus guarantee their advertisers, sponsors, and development partners with the largest targeted audience and the broadest possible coverage in the denim, jeans, and allied industry. Companies who work with Denim Focus are assured of the highest value addition with the editorial expertise and promotional exposures.