David Noli joined TORMEC AMBROSI as Worldwide Sales Director of SIP ITALY


David NOLI is joining our TORMEC AMBROSI group as Worldwide Sales Director of SIP ITALY, the most innovative sewing and logistic denim jeans solution provider for apparel industries Uthority said thet,”We feel very fortunate to have someone with his experience in our team. David is bringing years of know-how in denim, shirt and jacket suit production from all the world. After his Economic University studies and initial work experience in Financial Sector, David started his carrier in the garment apparel machinery world at Macpi Group, a premium excellence Italian company for finishing and pressing technology solutions”.

David’s know-how and garment production experience will help SIP ITALY to boost our already successful position as a One Step Solution provider. Sip Italy has always the customer satisfaction as a driver of our actions. David has a successful management record of large sales & service organization, the capability to structure efficient network in cooperation with country distributors and agents.

David’s experience will enrich our team due to the years spent handling important customers for turnkey project analyses, negotiations and finalizations. We are very proud to say how the informal rumors arrived in the market about David joining SIP ITALY, well it has generated a great positive feeling, reconfirming one more time the pure healthy relationship between our company and our customers and agents.

We take the opportunity to thank those that have already strongly appreciated our and David´s choice. The arrival of David NOLI is absolutely an important milestone in our company growth.