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Cone Denim Introduces CIRCULOSE® technology at Kingpins Show New York

Cone Denim proudly unveiled its latest denim fabrics featuring the revolutionary CIRCULOSE® technology at the Kingpins Show in New York. Spearheading a new era sustainably, Cone Denim showcased a commitment to circularity in the industry, emphasizing the use of recycled and regenerated materials in their latest creations.

Cone Denim Introduces CIRCULOSE® technology at Kingpins Show New York

“In creating these products, we’ve challenged ourselves as denim producers to develop fabrics that promote circularity in fashion with increased percentages of circular and recycled raw materials,” stated Pierette Scavuzzo, Director of Product Design for Cone Denim.

The star of the collection, the ‘Wonderwall,’ is a mid-weight, rigid fabric that incorporates an innovative blend of Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certified pre-consumer recycled cotton, Tencel®, and an impressive 29% of Regenerated Viscose made with CIRCULOSE®. Designed to cater to various fits, sizes, and genders, Wonderwall sets a new standard for eco-conscious denim fashion.

Complementing the Wonderwall, Cone Denim introduces ‘Eden,’ the second style in the collection. Eden is crafted with 31% Regenerated Viscose made with CIRCULOSE®, creating a denim fabric that seamlessly blends circular fibers, authentic texture, and stretch for unparalleled comfort. Eden’s flexibility allows it to accommodate a diverse range of silhouettes, marking it as a versatile and sustainable addition to the denim market.

Cone Denim’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product innovation, as evidenced by their participation in the Kingpins Show New York. The brand is actively contributing to the paradigm shift towards environmentally conscious practices in the fashion industry. As consumer demand for sustainable choices continues to rise, Cone Denim’s CIRCULOSE®-infused fabrics signal a promising future for circular fashion, setting a new standard for eco-friendly denim production.

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