Chanel and H&M are the most accessible fashion brands for online shopping.


A new report has revealed the most and least accessible fashion brands for online shopping, with Chanel and H&M the highest user friendly while Gucci branded as the least user-friendly.

Chanel stood at the top of the fashion list, earning a perfect score of 100. This includes six accessibility problems and 15 alarms, putting the premium brand in front as a shining example of how a clothes website should be laid out for the benefit of all online customers.

H&M came in second, with a perfect score of 100. The company’s attention to detail when it comes to online accessibility was highlighted by 43 faults, which is immediately apparent because to its clean, minimalistic color palette.

Gucci is in second place, with a less-than-ideal score of 60. The brand’s reliance on color to express their message is instantly noticeable, as the cluttered, gaudy site would no doubt make things extremely difficult to read for colorblind persons.

Another noticeable feature is that the writing is incredibly small, with no visible alternatives or explanations for persons with visual impairments on how to enlarge it.

Revealing the most and least accessible online fashion brands:

  Brand Accessibility Rating Score
1 Chanel 100
2 H&M 100
3 Cartier 98
4 Omega 98
5 Rolex 98
6 The North Face 98
7 Puma 93
8 Anta 89
9 Chow Tai Fook 89
10 Hermès 87
11 Louis Vuitton 87
12 Dior 85
13 NIKE 83
14 UNIQLO 82
15 Tiffany & Co. 81
16 Victoria’s Secret 81
17 Zara 80
18 COACH 76
19 Adidas 72
20 Gucci 60
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