Bershka and Resortecs launch collection of jeans designed for recycling


The Inditex-owned fashion company Bershka used a heat-dissolvable sewing yarn and a disassembly procedure designed by Belgian start-up Resortecs to make a line of denim products as part of its sustainability platform “Join Life.”

Resortecs – REcycling, SORting, TEChnologieS – is an award-winning start-up that develops design-for-disassembly solutions. We drive full circularity in fashion with heat-dissolvable stitching threads and thermal disassembly systems that make recycling easy.

The cofounder and executive lead of Resortecs, Cédric Vanhoeck, said: “With Smart Stitch, large organizations now have a thread that provides them with the same performance and freedom in design as a traditional sewing thread. And with Smart Disassembly, we give major players in the fashion industry the technology—or the first technology—that enables them to sort through a lot of clothing for recycling. The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator awarded the Brussels-based business a 2.5 million euro grant last June. Unspun, a US-based maker of custom jeans, and H&M tested the yarn and disassembly method it devised for a capsule collection called “Circular Design Story.” Following the collaboration with Spanish fashion company Inditex, French sports retailer Decathlon will introduce a Smart-Stitched ski jacket at the end of this year.

Men’s and women’s wide-leg cargo pants are available in the Bershka line. In order to ease recycling, the retailer also adheres to the Jeans Redesign program for a portion of its collection and provides denim models without rivets or jacron.