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Bangladesh is one of our most important markets, and its textile industry is a reference point for all most important Fashion Brands

Bangladesh is one of our most important markets, and its textile industry is a reference point for all most important Fashion Brands
Valter Dompè, President, Garmon Chemicals- Kemin Group

Kemin Textiles Auxiliaries, through the brand Garmon Chemicals, is a leader in the R&D and marketing of total chemical solutions, innovation and creativity for the denim and apparel industry. The company is internationally recognized as symbol of pioneering evolution in the name of a better tomorrow. Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has appointed Valter Dompè President of Kemin Textile Auxiliaries business unit (Garmon Chemicals), effective January 1, 2022. Dompè will be taking over as President of Garmon Chemicals after Kimberly Nelson. Dompè comes from Kemin Food Technologies – EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), which he joined in 2015. Recently Denim Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with Valter Dompè regarding their latest innovation and products. Key points of the discussion are mentioned here for our readers-

Bangladesh is one of our most important markets, and its textile industry is a reference point for all most important Fashion Brands- Valter Dompè, President, Garmon Chemicals- Kemin Group

Denim Focus: Can you please brief Garmon recent business in textile?

Valter Dompè: As you already know, Garmon provides the best solution for denim garments finishing, and we’ve very satisfied with the results of 2021. In the last year we had a strong growth of our business, and we introduced many new products: even considering just the last quarter, we launched Fortres Gems, a dispersing agent with a state-of-the-art performance, and Avol Mint, an ecological neutralizing agent accessible for any kind of laundry.

Denim Focus: How do you see the challenges of textile industry during this pandemic situation?

Valter Dompè: First I want to say a thing: despite the pandemic, we saw a strong resilience in the textile supply chain, and this is a very positive fact. But yes, our industry is facing many challenges: raw materials and transportations cost increase, high pressure to improve on the sustainability side, inconsistency of sales caused by lockdowns.
As we always did in our 30 years of history, we will face these challenges investing on innovation and quality, because it’s the only approach that guarantees results in the long term, and we recommend our customers to do the same.

Denim Focus: How Garmon thinks about Bangladesh textile industry and what are your plan for Bangladesh in upcoming days?

Valter Dompè: Bangladesh is one of our most important markets, and its textile industry is a reference point for all most important Fashion Brands. Every time we develop a new product, one of the first questions is always: how this product will be used by our customers in Bangladesh? Because an innovation becomes significant only when the washers in Asia, and especially in Bangladesh, start using it. We’re looking forward for the end of this pandemic to start visiting our customers again, because we miss that kind of relationship.

Denim Focus: What about your R&D? How do you ensure the sustainability and eco-friendly products for the industry?

Valter Dompè: In the last decades most of the efforts of Garmon have been oriented towards sustainability. We have unique and certified products, the result of our deep belief in innovation. The goal of our R&D is to sustainably transform our industry, and a great example of this approach is our Smart Foam technology. Smart Foam is not just a product, it’s an entire system that allows denim washers to implement the main principles of sustainability – certified chemistry, water saving and reduced energy consumption – in all the steps of garments washing.
Together with the ZDHC Level 3 of our most important products, this integrated approach gives a lot of benefits to our customers, making them ready to face the ecological challenges of our industry.

Denim Focus: What about recent developments of products and upcoming game changing technology?

Valter Dompè: Currently we’re hard working in two main areas: Kemzymes technology, because we’re the only chemical company in the industry that produces its own enzymes, and fashion. Garmon is not a product supplier, is a solutions provider. We know the importance of fashion for Brands and for the final consumer, and with Garmon Studio we created a service hub to give to our customers the support, the ideas, and the expertise they need to engage their buyers.
Follow Garmon in our official social media, website and through amazing publications like Denim Focus, Textile Focus to know more!

Denim Focus: Any special message if you want to convey to our readers and textile industry of Bangladesh?

Valter Dompè: Keep up the good work and stay safe! We can’t wait to meet you in person again.

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