Bangladesh faced denim export drop to US at the end of 2020


In Bangladesh, imported denim clothes by the United States began to decline steadily in November 2020 with total clothing exports. US dollars imported denim garments valued at US$264 million, decreased by 10.90% year-on-year and decreased by 19.53% month-on-month. Bangladesh saw a three-month annual rise in denim shipments to the USA, and caught sales of $54.80 million in November by 2.66%.

Bangladesh’s main worry is that by November 2020 the monthly fall was 24 per cent, while Mexico, second in the country, only fell by 2.35% monthly, compared with October 2020. Nevertheless, Bangladesh remains the leading US shipper of denim since in January-November 2020 it cumulatively reached $522.77 million, which is around $100 million higher in value than Mexico. In November 2020, Mexico’s denim shipment fell by 10.46% over November 2019 and amounted to $50.77 million.

In November 2020, Vietnam, the third-largest exporter of denim clothing in the United States has also decreased by 2.97% year-on-year, with Denim clothing being shipped at $33 million and 20.78% diving month-on-month. Meanwhile, both 36.46% in 2015 and 25.75% month in month in November 2020, China has undergone a sharp decline in terms of $28.15 million.

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