“All software providers need to work together by maintaining standard price with right services for Business sustainability” – B M Shorif, Managing Director & CEO, Skylark Soft Limited


In the age of technology evolution, Skylark Soft Limited is steadily pursuing the ambitious goals to maximize the success of valuable customers and to become a leading augmented business processes Automation Company specialized in enterprise and large-scale software solutions.

Skylark Soft Limited was founded in 2012 under the leadership of B M Shorif. Fortunately, now they are growing more than expected. In January 2018, this company started its journey as a Joint Stock Company. After that, in 2020 SLS became a Europe-Bangladesh joint venture Software Company.  Right now, they have grown to a family of 70+ members who create and nurture top quality products. A dedicated support team assists the users and takes care of their issues.

Skylark Soft Limited is a member company of BASIS and BACCO. They achieved 9 national and international awards. They are also NBR (National Board of Revenue) enlisted VAT software company (VAT Software name is VATAX).

Famous product of Skylark Soft Limited are goRMG ERP (Complete ERP for Apparel Industry), PROTRACKER (Realtime Garments Production Tracking System), KNITRACKER (Fabric Roll Tracking System), goRMG LAB (Fabric/Garments Testing Software), STOCKLINE (Accounting Software), goRMG STORE (Store/Inventory Management Software), VATAX (VAT Management Software).

Currently they are having 75 garments factories as customers who are using their software.

Recently Team Denim Focus met Mr. B M Shorif, Founding Managing Director & CEO, Skylark Soft Ltd. He shared the recent scenario of skylark Software and business growth story. The interview is drafted below for our readers-

Denim Focus: In this post pandemic Situation, what is your observation about RMG sector?

B M Shorif: Due to corona, the world fashion industry was stuck for around one year. Now things are going back to normal as well as clothing demands for 2021-2022 fashion trends are skyrocketing. That’s why Bangladeshi Factories are receiving millions of orders which is great news for the industry. Factories are working extremely planned ways to process those orders.

Denim Focus: How Skylark support Textile and Apparel sector in the process automation?

B M Shorif: we are supporting the Textile and apparel industry with our latest software for process automation and smooth production. Our software details are mentioned below-

  • KNITRACKER– We have provided a culture with a system which enables to trace fabric roll to roll production. It is a barcode enabled fabric roll tracking system for knitting and dyeing. This automation system includes heat seal labels in every roll to track knit card wise machine wise production in regards to production plan. This system also quantifies the style, color, construction wise day to day defects of fabrics. It has 6 different modules/droplets like:
    Knitting/Fabric Production
    2. Grey Fabric Inspection (Knitting QC)
    3. Grey Fabric Store/Inventory
    4. Finishing Batch Checking
    5. Finish Fabric Inspection (Dyeing QC)
    6. Finish Fabric Store/Inventory
  • PROTRACKER is the first Bangladeshi software for ready-made garments industries. This is a Barcode/QR Code/RFID enabled realtime garments production tracking system. A professional & skilled team of Skylark Soft Limited developed this. PROTRACKER is a fully customizable system for the apparel industry. That manages the entire production process from getting order details to production. From shipping to invoicing can be integrated with the management software.

Modules of PROTRACKER are given below-

  1. Cutting Droplets
  2. Cutting Inventory Droplets
  3. Print/Embroidery Droplets
  4. Input Droplets
  5. Sewing Droplets
  6. Washing Droplets
  7. IE Droplets
  8. Finishing Droplets
  9. Quality Droplets
  10. Shipment Droplets
  11. MIS Droplets

Denim Focus: What is the latest technology developed by SLS for the Textile and Apparel sector to increase productivity? 

B M Shorif: Earlier when we entered into the apparel sector, we used to make the production system more structured, safe and fast. So we made a barcode enable real-time production tracking system called PROTRACKER.  After that we thought about moving in a large. Then we thought of developing a full ERP System (goRMG ERP) which will cover the whole of the RMG Sector.

Currently we are having 75 garments factories who are using our software.

For those developing purposes we used some light weight programming languages for making the platform fast, and also kept a sight for making the User Interface so friendly for the mass users. We use PHP for server site development and choose Laravel as the framework. Used MySQL for databases.  We use VueJS/ReactJS as a scripting language for making the client-end fast and lightweight and user friendly. Recently we started working with RFID and it’s performing beyond every time so far. Our first priority is to make the system fast and user friendly. Our Engineers are really enriched with these technologies.

Denim Focus:  Factories are now focusing on Cost cutting area, reduce raw materials cost, how do you evaluate this? 

B M Shorif:  It’s natural. Because buyers are not offering higher prices, factories tend to reduce raw material costs and conversion costs to cope up with the profit margin. In a different perspective buyers are not actually the main issue. Nowadays people are moving to very fast-forwarding fashion. Fashion trends change within one to two months. So as a result, customers are willing to pay moderate prices for clothing as they know these fashion trends will change in the next two months.

PROTRACKER helps factory management to reduce direct and indirect costs from their workplace. For a forty line factory approximately twenty manpower from the entire production unit. While using PROTRACKER factory management can save upto 25% of their available minutes because of having all the data in one frame and effective decision making. If PROTRACKER is used by any factory (40 Lines) for three months effective this system can return upto 10,000 USD/Month as a ROI.

Denim Focus: Could you please share us the future plan of Skylark to support industry with sustainable price & service?

B M Shorif: We want to provide a sustainable automation system to our RMG industry that will fit their purpose and give them a significant advantage with a minimal investment towards it.

We always keep in mind that a group of companies needs software as well as a small factory also needs software to operate their business smoothly. We give support to those clients by giving a fair price so that they can improve their business from time to time as well as we can grow ours.

Denim Focus: Any Message to the Industry?

B M Shorif: Textile and RMG sector is one of the country’s economic hubs.  Technology providers need to support this sector. Besides, all software providers need to work together by maintaining standard prices with the right services for Business sustainability. Still business is in risk but seeing huge opportunity. –