A new capsule collection colored only using plants and natural elements, signed together by Tonello and WRÅD

Wake for WRÅD- Colors by Flowers, Concept by Nature “The colors are actions of light. Actions and passions.”

Adding to what Goethe said, we include another definition: that colors are an infinite source of emotions. Through colors we express ourselves, revealing who we are and how we think. With them we narrate our desires and our dreams. We illuminate ourselves. And in this case we take a stand. We communicate optimism and passion, happiness, and an ingenuity to imagine new parameters of liberty and harmony.


Composing different colors: innovative, because they are antique, having always been available in nature.

Against the boredom and brutality of a fashion-system that is, too often, just a business-system.

In a nutshell, interpretation of the WRÅD philosophy, a Focus Design company whose mission is “to challenge the status-quo through sustainable innovation and social change”. The result is an unconventional, circular, responsible, sustainable fashion, designed to interpret the real needs and desires of people. And directed in particular towards a young audience increasingly aware of the inevitability and need to act now to improve the health of our planet.

The encounter with WRÅD was inevitable and destined to happen. In fact, two research studies were carried out in different fields –  one regarding responsible design thinking, and the other, ours, regarding technology – but both governed by the same philosophy and the same objectives: innovating by challenging the status quo, destroying conventions and schemes, in order to build new ones and redefine the rules of the game.

Thus a capsule collection of exclusive garments was born, happy, totally natural, healthy and sustainable, free of chemicals hazardous for the environment or humans, hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, the result of a responsible process, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

A collection made possible by the talents of WRÅD and Wake, their innovative organic dyeing system, which is healthy for us and for the environment, because it uses only plants and vegetable waste, such as flowers, berries, peels and roots, which are left to dry and then infused, without using harmful chemical additives. It is easy to use, almost like preparing an herbal tea: it is, in fact, a radical paradigm shift.

“The naturalness of the pigments used and the desire to create a support that would highlight the real color of emotions: these are the points that unite WRÅD and Tonello, realities that are also physically close, united by the authenticity of their evolutionary promises of change and transformation.” Added the company

And the colors on the garments are alive. Sensitive to light, over time they tend to fade to a lower tone, becoming increasingly sober and authentic, like those who choose to wear these manifesto-garments, which invite, quietly, and with grace and subtlety, a gentle revolution: in the name of respect for the environment and the equilibrium between people and nature.

Because sometimes all it takes to initiate change is a flower.