12 New-generation designers are shortlisted for “2022 Taiwan Fashion Design Award”


The online registration deadline for the 36th “Taiwan Fashion Design Awards” was June 30, and the competition among the design works is fierce. Five experts in apparel-related fields constitute the judges of the preliminary selection and have selected 12 sets of outstanding works with an admission ticket to the final contest.

Nearly 460 designers participate in the contest, from 17 countries and areas including Austria, China, Egypt, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Macau, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States, Vietnam and Taiwan. The works have received inspiration from various fields, with the majority of them coming from the exploration of the environment, technology, or reflection of the retro periods. The works also involve memories of their growth related to hometown, journey, culture, interests, and the acceptance of various imperfections; discussion on awareness for environmental protection from the observation of the environment, issues related to public health in the post-pandemic period, and building their own utopia; topics in new technology such as drawing attention on the privacy of social media, AI, and digital technology, which all descript the future of imagination.

The works gather young “creativities” applying LED bionic light, 3D printing technology, or mobile inflator pump to a gigantic volume but lightweight. Digital placement printing or whole-garment knitting technology cuts down the waste through precise calculation by computer. Waste fabrics dyed in natural materials such as blue dye, coffee grounds, Curcuma longa, or tea leaves to reduce chemical pollution. It has transformed “sustainability” into the norms of design. Some contestants make classic styles into the multi-pocket design, and adjustable drawstrings for various occasions use, while others use reflective materials to enhance safety. “Function” designs have made wearing more convenient. Materials with “performance” like abrasion resistant, super elastic, moisture absorption or wicking fabrics have been widely used to improve wearing comfort.

Taiwan Fashion Design Award was organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and exacuted by TTF, with the support of donations by Coddy Global Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Garment Co., Ltd. The shortlisted works will compeat with each other at Taipei Fashion Week in mid-October.

Registration No. Name
R008 Huang, Yung Chi
R054 Liang, Zong Lin
R058 Wan, Chian Ning
R101 Wen, Bo Ya (China)
R102 Hsieh, Chia Han
R252 Yang, Chia Huang
R310 Liu, Liu (China)
R345 Tsai, Yu Chen
R346 Wang, Hao Ru
R381 Lin, Yueh Yu
R422 Shih, Chung Yu
R433 Hu, Jun-Cheng