“Young & experienced leaders need to work together to achieve a better position in the world apparel market” – Imranur Rahman, Director BGMEA & Managing Director Laila Group


Recently BGMEA’s newly elected young Director Imranur Rahman shared his vision & plan to work together as a team for RMG sector development with the Denim Focus team.

 Question: How do you want to contribute at BGMEA as elected director in the hard time of industry?

Imranur Rahman:  My hero & my true inspiration to be a BGMEA Director is my father, Mr. Md. Siddiqur Rahman, former President BGMEA. One key lesson he taught me is that one should never forget to contribute beyond his own personal business, one should try to work for the industry, for the sector & the country with one’s capability. I am proud to be one of the Directors under Mr. Faruque Hassan our current BGMEA President. He is the right leader to show us the path to come out of this troublesome period & I pledge my next 2 years to follow his guidance. I want to contribute in any way possible to all the Garments Owners who may need assistance from our team. I would also like to focus on Worker’ safety, well-being & sustainability.

BGMEA has been already actively involved in various corporate social responsibility activities like Healthcare for Garment Workers, Schools for Workers’ Children, Ensuring Workers Legitimate Rights, skill development programs including STEP and SEIP for garment employees and workers etc. BGMEA also works with ILO, Better Works and GIZ on training Mid Management and Workers on their rights and performances. It is very important to keep on improving & be more efficient to be competitive in today’s world. So, a strong focus on these activities is very important at this hard time of our industry.

Presently the second wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh is a big concern for our industry. We need to strongly ensure our workers’ hygiene and safety. We have many other issues like port congestion, electricity crisis, gas shortage, insufficient bank loan associated with the high rate of interest, high tax rate, dollar rate & many more. To solve all the issues, our current board with young & experienced leaders need to work together to achieve a better position in the world apparel market.

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