Wouter Munnichs to lead The New Lee 101 Fall Winter ’22 Collection Campaign


Wouter Munnichs, a denim consultant and collector, has been chosen to lead the advertising for Kontoor-owned brand Lee’s archive-inspired denim line Lee 101’s autumn-winter 2022 collection.

The 101 Z, 101 S, 101 T, and 101 Rider jeans, the Loco and Storm Rider jackets, as well as traditional sweatshirts, t-shirts, Henley tops, shirts, and Bib overalls, are all staple styles. New model 101 L jeans have a looser fit.

Some of the denim blends used include 77% cotton and 23% genuine hemp, as well as 100% cotton with recycled cotton. The 13.75–14 ounce pure cotton textiles are made by the Japanese mill Kaihara using a left-hand twill and dyed 13 times with natural indigo. Lee’s Jelt denim, created from a more tightly twisted yarn and initially produced by Canton Mills in the US state of Georgia, is used to make workwear items like bib overalls.

The Storm Rider jacket and 101 Z jeans are made of a peculiar dry brown, 14-ounce denim that was yarn-dyed and has a green selvedge.