Wisdom Attires uses Bangla on garment tags to promote Bangladeshi culture to the world


Bangladeshi apparel exporter Wisdom Attires is causing a stir by how it labels its products. The apparel maker’s tags now feature the words “Bangladesh Toiri” (Made in Bangladesh) on garments being sent to the Malaysian market. 

Bangla on product tagsWisdom has become the first factory to use Bangla on product tags in a historic move for the local garment industry Hossain Apurbo, director of Wisdom Attires, believes the achievement is not only a tribute to the martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement but also a source of pride for Bangladesh. Apurbo says he has long been motivated by the language movement and the sacrifices of the language heroes. His unwavering commitment to his vision has finally paid off, and his efforts have created a milestone that will be etched in the history of the Bangladeshi garment industry.

Wisdom Attires factoryAdditionally, this step taken by Wisdom Attires carries immense significance, given the size and importance of the Bangladesh garment industry, with about 3,000 factories involved in apparel exports, which play a crucial role in the country’s economy. Using Bangla on its garment tags, Wisdom Attires is setting example for the rest of the industry to follow and may usher in further innovations in the sector.

Wisdom Attires exported two containers of garments worth about $2.20 lakh to Malaysia for the Malaysian brand Four Square, which by Wisdom Attires Ltd. Wisdom Attires Director Akhter Hossain Apurbo said Wisdom Apparels launched the brand in Malaysia in 2011 after discovering the potential of South Asian markets.

Apurbo said that when the brand was registered in Malaysia, the market had no Bangladeshi apparel presence except for some leftovers. The market was dominated entirely by Chinese exporters. But things have changed significantly over the years, he said. The brand has gained a strong presence in South Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Wisdom Attires estimated its exports to the Malaysian market at $1 crore in 2013-2014. The annual export hovers around $60-$70 lakh on average, while the $40 lakh UAE market is increasing gradually. After gaining a foothold in the Malaysian market, Apurbo continued his passion for Bangla.

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