“We will make our first-generation proud and establish a state-of-the-art industry”


Ha-Meem Group is a leading wholesale clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh and in the world. The company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. Ha-Meem today is working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Sajid Azad is the Director of Ha-Meem Group. He started his career here in 2017 from the root level of the RMG industry. He learned basic techniques of Textile Engineering, Industrial Engineering, the fundamental concepts of quality and compliance, along with all other areas needed to operate a factory. Resource optimization, sustainable sourcing, and price negotiation are his priority. He also studied the chemical applications in textiles very deeply. As a result, he was able to save money from the mismanagement of chemicals and other materials. He is currently taking care of 74 sewing lines and 5 washing plant units. From quality management and production to buyer negotiation, he is involved in every step. He is focusing on technology implementation for more efficient production. Ha-Meem Group is trying as much as it can for best industry practices.Recently Team Denim Focus met Mr. Sajid Azad and had a conversation with him regarding the present business scenario. Mr. Sajid shared his views about his journey, challenges, and future of the Denim Industry. For our reader, the insights of the conversation are mentioned below-  

“We will make our first-generation proud and establish a state-of-the-art industry”- 

Sajid Azad, Director, Ha-Meem Group

Brands working for Ha-Meem Group: Gap, JC Penny, Kontoor Brands, American Eagle, VF Asia, KOHL’s, PVH, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch, Next and many more.

Journey of Washing Plant: Our washing plant started in 2005, located in Tongi. It is divided into 5 units with a total capacity of producing 3 million pieces per month. Our agenda was to have zone-wise localization of garments and washing units, so that all production can be covered within a single complex. In addition to the washing plant and garments manufacturing facility, the entire merchandising and sampling teams are also located in the same zone. This enables us to manage our internal operations very smoothly.

Challenge: When our buyers nominate fabrics and accessories suppliers from India, China, and other countries, we often face lead time difficulties due to shipping delays, excessive fabric faults, etc. We are hence proposing a strategic partnership with all our buyers to source our own fabrics and accessories as we have vertical integration to save costs and lead time.

In 2019 when the pandemic came, we tried to utilize all of our existing resources and workforce as much as possible, and didn’t make any unnecessary investments. We took very careful steps to avoid any potential disasters during the pandemic. The year was for survival.

Future of Denim: The future of Denim is very bright. I recently visited Denim Expo where I had visited most of the stalls and also had the opportunity to share thoughts between local and international denim industry leaders, technologists and buyers. After several discussions with industry experts present there, in addition to the forecast of our market from our buyers, we are confident that Bangladesh is going to be the largest denim sourcing hub within a few years.

Ha-Meem Group Design Studio

The second-generation thought:  Mr. Sajid said, “I worked with 2 groups of people – One who had and still has accepted us as second-generation leaders cordially, and another group who had much doubt on our ability to succeed and achieve the company’s goals. Although I have struggled a lot to know the ins and outs of the textile and RMG industry, especially within our company, I have learned a lot from both of these groups. I am happy to say that the second group is now just as confident and convinced on our knowledge and abilities as the first group.

So, we are hopeful, that we will make our first-generation proud and establish a state-of-the-art industry.”

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