We see Bangladesh as one of the major players in the market. Alice Tonello, Director, Marketing and R&D, Tonello

Alice Tonello, Director, Marketing and R&D, Tonello

Tonello has been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over the world and for fashion brands – it’s because Tonello doesn’t simply make machines but we produce ideas. The company commitment has always taken us well beyond the product, for Tonello is at our customer’s side, offering services with a personal touch and, especially, with ideas and practical solutions. Since 1981 Tonello has been contributing to the success of the Made in Italy label across the continents. Recently Team Denim Focus talked with Alice Tonello, Director, Marketing & R&D, Tonello regarding the recent business scenario and Tonello business strategy. Key points of the discussion have been mentioned below for our readers-

Denim Focus: How do you see the Textile & Apparel industry in Bangladesh?

Alice Tonello: Bangladesh’s RGM industry has been playing a pivotal role in the country’s social and economic transformation over the past few years. The importance of the sector has become more and more important than in the past, and industrialization and automation has been the keystone in realizing this vision.

The RGM industry of Bangladesh has gone through several difficulties, but thanks to its resilience, it has managed to transform itself today into a leading pole in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Denim Focus: In the Covid situation, what is the recent scenario of Tonello business? 

Alice Tonello: Fortunately, except for a short transition period in the first half of 2020, the request for Tonello machinery has restarted immediately.

This is because our customers have understood how important it is to invest in change today to be competitive, in step with the times and resilient in the future and in this very particular and unpredictable period.

The important relationship we have established with our customers over the last 20 years of activity in Bangladesh has also allowed us to be able to support them from different points of view, especially in this unprecedented moment.

Denim Focus: In this hard time, how do you see the Bangladesh market & what are the challenges you are facing?

Alice Tonello: We see Bangladesh as one of the major players in the market. What is important is that it continues to pay more and more attention to how the garments are made in their entirety: from the raw materials, its creation, the finishing, and arriving at the use that the citizen will make of them. All oriented towards total responsibility and transparency.

Denim Focus: What is the latest innovation of Tonello products & how it will help to reduce production cost?

Alice Tonello: It’s about a new laundry concept that we called The Laundry (R)evolution. This is a radically new conception in garment finishing processes involving two technologies that centrally manage the entire finishing cycle both efficiently and flexibly, reducing waste and optimizing resources.

Fast, precise, and flexible, THE Laser replaces manual abrasion processes allowing the creation of new projects with extreme ease. The All-in-One-System performs all washing operations by integrating 4 sustainable technologies into a single machine: ECOfree 2, NoStone®, UP, and Core. Finally, we use Metro, our software that processes real data, in real time to check all laundry consumption, optimizing processing times, and improving performance.

In this way, costs and resource consumption are reduced; there are less second-hand garments, waste and scraps, less movement operations inside of the laundry − with a relative better workplace ergonomics for operators, more transparency and concreteness.

Denim Focus: What is the future business plan of Tonello especially for the Bangladesh market? 

Alice Tonello: Our present and future business plan for Bangladesh is to improve the service, above all by investing in the education of people and in our local team, so as to be ever closer and alongside our numerous customers in Bangladesh, and thus become partners rather than mere suppliers.

Having today more than 2000 Tonello machines, Bangladesh will also be able to start at an avant-garde in this process, especially if it will pay particular attention to social and environmental responsibility.

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