“We must take care of natural resources to make a remarkable position of Bangladesh in the world map”


“We must take care of natural resources to make a remarkable position of Bangladesh on the world map”

– Shah Adeeb Chowdhury, Director, Evince Group

Recent scenario of the woven garments business:

It seems to me that although we have many opportunities in the woven garments business, we still have competitiveness. That’s why there will be a lot of orders ahead for those big factories. Most of the factory in Bangladesh is doing very well in the case of bottoms. There are many opportunities for those who just have a shirt factor as well. If I talk about ourselves, we are experts in shirt manufacturing. Along with that, we have our own textile factory. That’s why when a buyer comes to us we can show them different fabrics and offer other deals as well. It becomes easier to take advantage of those who have their own backward linkage.

Evitex Dress Shirts Ltd & sustainability practices:

Firstly, before building this factory, we did a calculation, if we build a factory how much natural resources we could save. This is why we designed our building model in such a great way so that we saved many old trees from cutting down. This design finalization was really a great challenge for us. In that case, we took some extra time but we have been able to save a lot of our resources.

Secondly, we kept our 60% land open and designed buildings with just 40% land. We have 2 floors here of 225 thousand square feet and our ceiling height is 25 feet. Additionally, we have kept enough space on the floor. We designed the building wall in such a way so that more sunlight and airflow can be passed. What’s more, there always seems to be a natural air inside our factory.

Thirdly, Obeying the green building rules makes it possible for us to save a lot of water. By recycling this water, we use it in gardening and fishing. We have an automatic sprinter system in gardening which can sense moisture and water the garden automatically. We have 200 liters water reservoir and additionally, 50 liters are kept as backup. So that we can use them in crucial moments like firefighting or any other emergency. We are using energy-efficient energy light. We have introduced a survey motor with every machine. The energy used in boiler and compressor, we also recycle them to reduce the energy consumption. End of the day, it is seen that we have huge savings from the various area though the initial cost is a huge amount of money.

Future plan of Evitex Dress Shirt Ltd:

As a future plan, we will keep continuing the practice of sustainability factors. Once the green factory is made, this is not just the end. We have to keep this green initiative ongoing. We will improve productivity on a continuous basis. As a new generation, I believe, we must take care of natural resources to make a remarkable position of Bangladesh in the world Map.

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