We head into 2022 with a great deal of Positivity- Ayesha Shefa, Director of Sustainability & Head of Marketing,Simco Spinning and Textiles ltd (CYCLO recycled fibers)


Simco Spinning & Textile, manufacturers of Cyclo recycled fibers with the concept of sustainable innovation. Recently team Denim Focus conversation with  Ayesha Shefa Director of Sustainability Simco Spinning and Textiles Limited.

Denim Focus: What was your observation in 2021 for your business?

Ayesha Shefa: SIMCO, as you know, is the only spinning facility in Bangladesh that has legal permission to produce CYCLO Recycled Fibers – the world’s most preferred sustainable yarn brand. Quite a good number of brands, retailers, factories, and buying agents either started or united on their collaborations and partnerships with CYCLO, which helped improve their environmental or sustainable footprint. CYCLO’s position grows from strength to strength. SIMCO’S position also goes hand-in-hand. SIMCO is proud and maintains its ambition to be a positive force in the textiles and apparel world through its involvement in the recycled yarns business.

The considerable growth in garments exports of Bangladesh has resulted in an improvement in the scope of the recycled yarns business in 2021. This in turn has resulted in SIMCO’s business gathering a very good momentum as well. The carry-over of impetus from 2020 meant that two different phases of capacity ramp-ups were required – the first being in February 2021 and the latter being in September 2021. Plans are in place for further capacity expansion in 2022 (which will be announced in due course). The industry and existing business position demand continuous growth in all aspects and SIMCO remains adaptive to the same.

Denim Focus: How is SIMCO maintaining sustainability?

Ayesha Shefa: SIMCOs production capacity is focused on recycled yarns only. It is now predominantly producing CYCLO Recycled Fibers. This ensures one arm of the sustainability wing – environmental improvement. Through the production of these recycled fibers and yarns, there are intangible savings on air, water, land, and CO2.

Then there is the social aspect – SIMCO employs over 50% of women in its workforce, with the total workforce being 600, and now has women working in senior corporate roles. We go to arm’s length to ensure that diversity and inclusion are also a part of our forte – we have people from different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs working together. Catering to the needs of nearby communities to the SIMCO factory is also an ongoing process – we have several programs and donations made to assist those in need.

Last, but not least, is the economic aspect. We are now fully operating in the recycled yarns business which means we are ensuring upcycling of fabric mills cut clips waste. These wastes are mostly exported to different countries. SIMCO has ensured intervention and also upscaled this to a level that ensures that a circular economy is achieved as the clips waste and resourcefully valorized within Bangladesh. Our business fluency also means we were able to grow and increase the employment of locals.

Denim Focus: What is your expectation for 2022?

Ayesha Shefa: We head into 2022 with a great deal of positivity. We are expecting the industry to continue in its growth. We have an expansion in the pipeline which would help us to serve a greater, broader, and more diverse market (in terms of both product and brands). We have quite a few developments in the organization and in our overall strategic approach which means that you may see or hear a lot more from us.

Our product portfolio will look to expand – more focus on woven and unique fabrics. We will be proceeding with technological advancements in order to keep up-to-date with the recycling world.

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