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TUD, GIZ, and BGMEA to foster innovation with Pilot Training Sessions

Technical University Dresden (TUD) in collaboration with GIZ HELD Programme and BGMEA organized two pilot training sessions at BGMEA Complex on August 28.

TUD, GIZ, and BGMEA to foster innovation with Pilot Training Sessions

TUD also presented a study report on the training modules it has developed for garment and textile industry professionals to develop their capabilities.

The study was conducted as part of the MoU signed between Technical University Dresden, GIZ HELD Programme and BGMEA, which aims to support the BGMEA’s Centre of Innovation Efficiency and OSH (CIEOSH) in developing its capacity to provide need based training to the industry to boost productivity, innovation and efficiency.

The first pilot session was on “Industry 4.0 & Digital OSH (EMA Software)”. The training objective is to illustrate methods and possibilities of innovative digital tools in the design of logistics and production processes  that are sustainable, effective, efficient and safe for human workers.

The training was conducted by Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche of Technical University Dresden(TUD).

The Second pilot session was on the ‘Innovation at the organizational level (InnoKenn )’ which was conducted by Prof. Dr. Jurgen Wegge of Technical University Dresden (TUD).

This training is on beginner’s level for future trainers who want to train leaders of mid-level management, especially of IE- & innovation-department, on this topic.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan was present during the session and handed out the certificates to the participants of the training.

He underscored the need for innovation in the Textile and RMG industry in Bangladesh, and how it can play a big role for the industry to stay competitive globally.

DTUD and GIZ will continue to support the CIEOSH to have its own standard operating procedure, developing curriculum and ultimately establish the CIEOSH as a world-class center to support the needs of the industry.

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