Tonello brings the Laundry (R)Evolution to Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show


tonello Laundry (R)Evolution conceptTonello, the leading provider of garment finishing technologies, will participate in the upcoming Denimsandjeans Vietnam show from March 1 to March 2, 2023. The company is set to showcase its latest technologies, including EGO, its newest technology for ozone garment treatment, and dyeing range, along with a collection of garments treated with these technologies.

In addition, Tonello will enrich the trend area of the show in an intersection of fashion, functionality, and sustainability. The Yogim collection will combine the comfort and flexibility of yoga wear with the durability and style of denim, creating a unique hybrid that is perfect for modern, active lifestyles. The sportswear collection will feature garments that are optimized for performance, with advanced materials and finishes. Finally, the minimalism collection will showcase the beauty and simplicity of pared-down design, using responsible and low-waste finishing methods to reduce the environmental impact of garment manufacturing. These collections will demonstrate Tonello’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, and offer visitors a glimpse of the future of denim fashion.

The Laundry (R)Evolution concept is Tonello’s revolutionary approach to garment finishing, which focuses on sustainability, innovation, and creativity. Tonello’s latest technologies are designed to reduce water, energy, and chemical consumption, while also achieving the desired aesthetic effects on garments.

Alice Tonello, the Creative Director of Tonello, will also hold a seminar on March 2 on the theme of the Laundry (R)Evolution. The seminar will explore the challenges and opportunities of sustainable garment finishing and how Tonello’s technologies can contribute to a more responsible and profitable denim industry.

“We are excited to bring the Laundry (R)Evolution concept to the Denimsandjeans Vietnam show,” said Alice Tonello. “Our technologies and solutions allows customers and brands to act more responsibly and transparently, but they also offer a competitive advantage by enhancing the quality, efficiency, and creativity of their denim products.”

The Denimsandjeans Vietnam show is one of the most important events for the denim industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, bringing together leading brands, manufacturers, and suppliers from around the world. Tonello’s participation is expected to attract a large number of visitors and generate significant interest in the Laundry (R)Evolution concept.


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