TENCEL™ launches brand-new Pinterest page and LinkedIn Group to deepen commitment to citizenship and sustainability


The TENCEL™ brand is always looking for innovative ways to reach consumers and industry partners, which is why we recently launched our inaugural Pinterest page and LinkedIn Group. Regarded as some of the fastest growing social apps globally and the preeminent social network for professionals respectively, Pinterest and LinkedIn are fantastic platforms for likeminded audiences to find and share inspiring ideas in their areas of personal interests and expertise. These latest additions to the TENCEL™ brand’s mainstream social platforms are now top contributors in driving traffic to the official TENCEL™ website, further enhancing brand awareness.

On the B2C front, the TENCEL™ brand’s Pinterest page provides useful tips on sustainable living and inspiration on eco-friendly home décor and eco-fashion ideas such as “outfit of the day” and dressing for a healthy and active lifestyle. Our Pinterest has moved from strength to strength in a short time span, and our goals for the short term include actively engaging with co-branding partners to diversify content. Featuring our brand partners on Pinterest is the perfect complement to the recent launch of our TENCEL™ “Where To Buy” eShop. The synergy of two platforms will complete the customer journey by allowing consumers to easily purchase the sustainable inspirations they have saved to their boards.

On the other hand, as part of the TENCEL™ brand’s continuous effort to drive awareness and excitement around our many technological innovations and sustainability-driven initiatives, we have introduced a B2B focused LinkedIn Group as a hub for all industry related news and original content that will be of interest to our many retail, mill, and NGO partners. With this platform, we aim to connect professionals within the industry to share insights, guidance, and foster a more collaborative community. In just a span of two months, we already have a network of over 700 members, and published 50+ posts accumulating 1,000 engagements (such as likes and comments)!

At Lenzing, we hope these new social platforms can help to build more top-of-mind awareness for the TENCEL™ brand and provide useful tools and content for our consumers and partners. The TENCEL™ brand looks forward to welcoming more followers to our Pinterest and LinkedIn Group whilst diversifying our brand partnerships and content to further our sustainability and corporate citizenship commitments.